Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Memory bears

Its been a while, I know.  I have thought of sposting many times but the thought often gets interrupted by a cute little curly headed kid wanting Mommy to pkay or to watch something on mommy's tablet.  and time spent on an actual computer are becoming further and further between.   I have sevreal things I want to blog about, but none that are really time sensitive, so no hurries.    In the few minutes I have this evening I thought I'd ask  about memory bears.  Have you heard of them?   {(urg tech difficulties agin....I was typing the end and ended up here...)   You take these old clothes and cut them out and sew them into a teddy bear.   You can give it a hat, a vest, additional clothes for the bear.   I'm getting ready to cut the first one out in my free time, but its not going to be from sentimental clothes, in case it isnt as easy as it sounds.   Then I already have a couple people that want them if I can successfully make them.   And I just may dig out a couple pieces from the depths of my storage of favorite baby clothes of Em's and make a bear for me.    But first, I've got a little princess that needs her bedroom transformed into something walt disney might create....a princess castle!

A couple weeks before Christmas a friend asked me that question, and I admit no, I'd never heard of a memory bear, but google is a wonderful resource and so now I am educated as to what a memory bear is.   But for those of you that know me well, you know that it doesnt stop with knowing what one is.   I have this thing about making things, I enjoy it, too mxuch I'm afraid sometimes.   Ok, so a memory bear is a teddy bear, made from memories....the clothes of a loved one that has passed on, those cherished baby clothes you just can't give up, that favorite outfit you loved in hogh school, that still hangs in your closet even though it should have died with the nineties.