Thursday, July 29, 2010


That was the sound that woke me up sunday morning, a nice loud thud. Followed my crying "My blankie" really loud. Hmm...that sure didnt sound like a blankie hitting the ground. And yes, she's got caught in the act of trying before so I knew the day was coming, but wasn't really ready for it. Emily was standing beside her bed crying for her blankie that hadn't made the escape with her. So Sunday afternoon her crib was converted into a big girl bed. Sunday night, she got up 4 times carrying 5 blankies and her gloworm each time. (yeah and you try laying down in a toddler bed to get her back to sleep!) So I was tired. MOnday night. She gets up 3 times, carrying all her essentials. Tuesday -- debate over going back to a crib. Decided to give it a week, because I really dont want her falling out of the crib. Tuesday night. Didn't get up until 515 and so we just let her lay down in our bed with us til it was time to get up. This morning. I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm was to go off (at 6) I heard Emily coughing. Then wait, that sounded too close. When I got up she was sitting on the couch with all her blankies (glowie got to stay in bed this time) drinking from her sippy cup from last night. And so I long had she been up? She didnt get into anything and I got to sleep so really I think Im ok with that!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Video at last

It took two days but here it is. My file was too big so I've played around and hopefully got it viewable...i had to shrink it big time and edit some but you should be able to see it. I thought it was pretty funny. And yes, the slide cost an entire dollar!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garage Sale for $1

Here's Emily enjoying my recent garage sale find. It will go outside once it is cool enough to actually use up our energy outside, but it is working well inside right now.

She's kinda silly.

ok, stay tuned for the keeps giving me error messages and I'm about out of time. I'll try to post later.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out of the Ordinary

Ordinary day in my life...try not to knowingly do something stupid that I am positive I will regret later.

Out of the ordinary day...know something is stupid and that I'll regret it later yet I do it anyway. That was Saturday. I was doing yard work. Nothing wrong with that, we had a TREE growing in our raised flower bed against the house (which suprisingly enough once removed I discovered I even had a few flowers!) and a couple cottonwoods (not the best yard tree) that needed some pruning. So maybe July isnt the best time for that but hey, I happened to have free time in July so I did it. Anyway, while pruning the cottonwood, I saw that I had some poison ivy growing. Yes, I am positive it was poison ivy and was even positive it was poison ivy on Saturday when this work was taking place. I've spent my whole life avoiding this pretty little three leaf demon plant. But....Emily was with me and she was "helping" mommy pick up branches. Knowing what poison ivy does to me, I didn't really want to find out if my precious one year old was like her mommy in that respect so without further ado....I just plucked it up and shoved it in my bag getting it out of her reach as quickly as possible. (mental note to self...if bag gets burned, AVOID SMOKE) Then I forgot. Forgot that the wise thing to do would be to go inside, grab the dawn and wash up. By the time I finished my yard work, I had totally 100% forgotten about the poison ivy incident. Fast forward a few days....I have had to take my wedding ring off temporarily because of the pretty little rash covering my finger. I've got a beautiful (yes I'm being sarcastic) line right across teh middle of my forehead, some on my neck and several splotches on my arm. I know it is a good food for wildlife (of which there is very little in my backyard...the robins are happy with worms!) but do you ever wonder why God didn't just make deer love something a little less itchy????

So, this week....I'm going out at naptime for a few minutes with my bottle of poison ivy roundup. I'll win:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remember when....

A few years ago, I remember thinking, Boots drinking out of the bird bath and standing on it probably wouldn't attract many birds. After we moved into our house, I remember thinking Kendall drinking out of the bird bath was somewhat funny. But most recently, I wonder, why is my DAUGHTER drinking out of the bird bath? Seemed a little bit odd, gross, but she thought it was funny! Really I do feed the child. Lately we have been busy playing in our sandbox, playing baby dolls and just being plain goofy. I haven't spent much time online lately which is why it has been 2 weeks since I posted anything! Sorry to all my faithful readers:) I don't have pictures to post this morning either, just thought I'd share a random tidbit with you, and now I hear someone talking and a gloworm that has been squeezed so I think I'll go get her.