Friday, July 17, 2015

Education is a must!

It could have been preventable with earlier diagnosis.  I have seen the news this week where two children in separate parts of the country have died due to misdiagnosis and late diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.   Ive also seen a child diagnosed early and within the week was back participating in a sport he loves.  The only difference in the diagnosis is how quickly it was made.   As a parent you have the right to demand a blood glucose test on your child if you have even the slightest suspicion something is off.   Its only one drop of blood.    Don't be afraid to demand the test or question your child's doctor.  You could save their life!

Until someone they know is affected though, most parents never think about type 1 diabetes.  Our pediatricians, er doctors need to put blood glucose on their radar, one of the first tests they perform when something isnt right.   It would be a very simple change in their practice.  One drop of blood.   Because that one drop of blood can save lives.   You can help by writing your representatives to get this made into law, that blood glucose screenings are common practice in pediatric care.   Feel free to use the letter below to write your congressmen and women to get this to be a hot topic in Washington...a topic that will save the lives of American children.

I am writing today on behalf of millions of children in America. As parents, they have entrusted us with taking care of them and providing for them. We, in turn are left to trust our physicians, to believe that they know what will be best for them to keep them healthy. I would like to share a story with you. April 2013, an eight year old named Cameron got sick. It didn't seem like an unusual disease had gripped this young boy, it seemed like a nasty case of the flu. But he kept getting worse and was taken to the emergency room, his body not giving up the fight for whatever was draining the life out of him so quickly. Cameron was lucky. His body was otherwise healthy, ready for the fight, but his doctors also thought to test that one drop of blood... A test that if it had been done hours later would likely have not helped. But the quick thinking physician tested his blood glucose. It was over 1000, normal would have been 100. Immediately treatment for type 1 diabetes began and even though his life is full of insulin shots and blood sugar checks now, his life is still full of LIFE. This week, two children passed away because their doctors didn't think to check blood sugar until it was too late. These lives could have been saved by a simple blood glucose test when they first exhibited symptoms. I am writing today in hopes that legislation can be passed that requires blood glucose to be among the first tests performed on sick kids. It literally takes one drop of blood to check, and I don't know a single parent out there that wouldn't rather test a drop of blood and it come back fine than to risk losing their child forever. Please help get this simple test required in pediatrician offices, urgent cares, and emergency rooms across the country. Thank you.