Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's over and I'm a little relieved. Planning Emily's first birthday party was about all I could take, but last night we had her party, all her grandparents were here. Only one aunt and 2 cousins were able to make it, but she had a blast! And she will not need any clothes, jammies, or toys anytime soon! She got a beautiful fancy dress which we tried on her, it fit her great but when we put it on her we left the tag on and she kept flipping it around, but once we decided it fit, her cousin Rebecca took it off. A couple minutes later she looked at her arm, then all around and even lifted her dress trying to find the tag. It was cute. She took lots of steps showing off for everyone and even though she had her shots and they took blood yesterday she was plenty cheerful! So a few pictures....

And for anyone concerned out there, I am starting to be able to do some things with my right hand again after decorating this cake!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A few pictures

Hugging Kendall her favorite buddy.
She was really tired when she opened her presents last night. She liked her brush, even tried to comb her hair (the baby brush just wasnt making it through all those curls!)

More loving on Kendall.

She's having a Kendall birthday cake. She stole my spatula (still covered in icing) out of the dishwasher this morning...she thought it was great! Yes, her birthday cake is SUPPOSED to look like guarantees, you may have to use imagination, but after spending 4 hours decorating it (longer because of my "help") it is complete. However I'm saving pics to put up when I put up stuff about her birthday party, which is tomorrow night.

And isnt that just the most adorable face!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Emily got her first birthday present at 6:30 this morning. Her friend (who is in the background) brought it to her. We just set the bag down in the floor and of course, Emily is a bit nosy and so she had to go start pulling things out and kinda looked at me like, I'm not getting in trouble for this...instead you are taking my picture? This birthday thing might be kinda fun!

Where, oh where, did the last year go? A year ago I was nervously getting my things ready to leave for the hospital, the c-section and to bring home a baby girl. I think there has been more happen in the last year than the other 29 of my life combined.

Precious first smiles, first words, first steps. And it seems like every day, my little baby is a little less of a baby and a little bit more of a little girl. She likes to throw baby dolls around, give hugs, and of course, play with her puppy. She's also very helpful when it comes to loading and unloading the dishwasher and the laundry. She doesnt stay put very long anywhere! And so now, a quick look back at the last year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One year later....

I went to the grocery store one year ago today and I was buying cereal. I dont remember what kind, but I had been to the doctor, gone for an ultrasound (so I already knew Emily was breech), and then went to Walmart. I was in the cereal aisle when my cell phone rang and it was the dr (not even a nurse!) to tell me that my c-section was scheduled for the following day at 1. And life hasn't been the same since.....

I'll take some pictures of Emily and get them up soon! Due to circumstances beyond our control there will be no professional pictures anytime soon but I will do my best to get good ones and put them up for your enjoyment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Day

For those of you who know my friend Emily, congratulations are in order. Eric Thomas was born at 1:51 this morning, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well. I talked to the new mommy and daddy and they couldnt be more excited! Good thing we are past the age of film or they would probably go broke with developing, not to mention they would be changing film more often than diapers! (I have seen pictures, he's a cutie--arranged marriages could still work don't you think? :) CONGRATULATIONS EMILY! was 30 years ago someone else was friend Carissa. Of course she has no internet access and therefore will never know I am wishing her a wonderfully happy 30th birthday! (don't worry I will call her later)

I'll post some pictures of my Emily soon---speaking of birthdays, hers is only 3 days away! Where did the year go?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppy Fun

Emily loves Kendall. Kendall has, up to this point, basically tolerated Emily. Emily would pet Kendall, Kendall would look at us like, help, I'm not sure what she's going to do. If one of us were holding Emily chasing Kendall then that was great, but just recently Kendall has made a discovery. Emily can be fun! She will play tug of war and run (well, crawl but boy can she go fast!), and get stuff out of the trashcan for her (at least I'm pretty sure that is what they were doing when I turned around and they were both sitting in the floor by the trash can eating the skin I'd thrown away from a piece of KFC.) The tug of war thing started on Saturday, and Monday and Tuesday. Emily said she had to have something to do while Mommy was watching TV (18 Kids and Counting, which was on for an hour and a half last night...I thought it was only on for 30 the way, NEVER having that many kids--I kinda like the ONE that I have!) So for your entertainment, here are a few pictures...(if you are lucky, after my camcorder battery gets charged maybe I'll get the video up).

Kendall was starting to get tired...Emily was actually shoving the sock in her mouth:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Steps

Emily took her first three steps last night. Of course, not of camera...but both her daddy and I saw her. We clapped, she clapped....then she clapped some more (that is one of her favorite games-clapping!) So it won't be long now before she is off and running.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Happened to Fall?

It seems as though we've gone from summer (ok so it was a very mild one and quite enjoyable) directly to winter, skipping the 70 degree days we have come to expect from October. It was only 34 degrees when I got up this morning, and that wasnt early...that was at 8! I think Emily's coat I bought for her last spring at a garage sale will fit her this winter...maybe even all winter because right now it is a little big but not so big that it won't work. I've had an exciting day...laundry, dishes, laundry, cook lunch, laundry, and did I mention laundry? Now I'm taking a break and trying to be quiet so Emily will actually go to sleep for her nap. She's been a little fussy and acting like she needed a nap, but she has been fighting goign ot sleep so hopefully she will give in. She's much happier when she is well rested!
Just hanging out

I think I caught her at the beginning of a yawn.

This is how you go up the slide, isn't it?

Getting farther up the slide, its a lot of fun

Halloween pictures...she was laughing at her friend

Sitting back and posing...see the spiders behind her!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pillow in the Way

Ok, so Emily hasn't walked yet. It doesnt seem like that long ago my cousin's little girl, took her first step and I remember telling Emily she had three weeks:) Well, I have absolutely no idea when that actually was, but tonight, Emily stood there and wobbled a little, thinking about taking a step. Then she slowly lifted a foot....before tripping over a pillow and falling flat on her face, of course making her mad. So I dont think it counts as a first step if her entire body is on the ground before she got her foot to the floor. Maybe she thought if she were unsuccessful the pillow would be a softer landing:) She didnt think that it could make it harder to take the step. I also made her an appointment at Penneys (thanks for the vote of confidence Park Wife, but I want good pictures and I forget to take the time to dress her up and get pictures otherwise) to get her pictures made. They have the best deal, even though I have an Olan Mills card. They are slightly more convenient, and I have seen good pictures from the studio that I"m going to. Anyone know if you get online pics with them? If I do, I'll be sure the share them, but that is still three weeks away before I get them made. A busy day...we'll go to the pictures, and then we will go to the doctor, maybe a stop at toys r us or babies r us along the way (depending on time).

Other notes...HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MADDY! I know I'm a day early but the odds of me actually finding time to post two days in a row aren't very high:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Things

I think that could be the title for the last year but this specifically means this weekend for Emily. She got her first pair of tennis shoes, her first bag of cotton candy (daddy helped her eat it, Mommy said yucky), and she got to go see the local dog show....I'm not sure which dog was the best dressed or best kisser, but it was fun to watch, except it was a little chilly. She also got her first big box to play in. I sang Row Row Row your boat and showed her how to row. She'd almost do it then she would start clapping. She got a balloon at the fair too. And this was the first time she'd worn this dress...her message to Grandma (who got her the dress) is "Have you ever tried to crawl in this thing? I might have to start walking!" She's about to start walking any day now as it is, but the dress might encourage her:)