Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


It seems like every day Emily shows a little bit more of her personality. She's funny to watch sometimes when she makes discoveries. Christmas will be a lot of fun this year, she's very intrigued by Christmas lights. I'll have to actually get around to getting my tree up, I think she's going to love it. If only we knew what to put under the tree for her..... Here is Emily watching Kendall out the door. When Neal went to get the camera all we could see was the bottom half of her legs and socks sticking out from under the curtain:) but we got caught with the camera.

She's walking everywhere these days. She did have her hand on the wall, but can easily walk without holding on to anything.

Showing off for the camera...

In one of her many pretty dresses....will have to work on sitting lady like! She'd had red tights on for church but we didn't put them back on after we got home. Figured if we played in them all day they'd probably get ruined.

Thought it was a great picture but it was a little blurry when I put it on the computer. Thought I'd share anyway!

Here is Emily waiting on her daddy to come back upstairs yesterday afternoon.

She was staring out the window watching the neighbors Christmas lights but saw me get the camera out.

Kept turning around everytime she heard me.

Finally got her doing what she spent all evening doing so far:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aunt Sue Wins

Ok, so I got one comment and two emails about Emily's recent pictures...and only one actually listed a picture that was a favorite...granted it was followed by a statement that said there were 4 or 5 other favorites, but my Aunt Sue wins! What did she win....why a picture of Emily of course! And for all the rest of you out there who didnt vote or listed ALL the numbers, well, you might get pictures too! After all, I did get 15 SHEETS of pictures! Why? I couldn't make up my mind any better than the rest of you and decide on a pose. Thank goodness for coupons! I'd have had to leave some poses behind if it hadnt been for that and I loved them all. She's a little bit of a show off when a camera comes out!

Its been raining/snowing/drizzling/NASTY outside for the past four days. Three of those days I've had a three year old and Emily that really want to go outside. Emily was pointing out the window, crying, and I finally figured out she wanted to GO outside. I didnt think that would be smart, since our backyard is a swamp and she rolls around in the mud like a hog and it was COLD. Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice enough to at least go out for a few minutes.

I have pictures on my camera but havent taken the time to upload them:) I will eventually though. Right now, my husband is napping, my dog is napping and my daughter is napping and I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet (next comes laundry, dishes and dinner at which point I will wake them all up) But for now, I should figure out how I'm going to make somethign for my husband to take to his work potluck when I dont really have all the ingredients for anything:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vote for Your Favorite

Ok, I warned you, cute pictures! Anyway, tell me which one you like best, and if comments don't work you can always email me! And yes, some of them are crooked, that would be because I was trying to hurry and had help! 1














Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 more videos

but dont forget to scroll down to the previous post...technical difficulties put it in 2 posts.Emily thinks whatever daddy is eating has to be good...but she never makes this bad of a face when eating dirt! But then again, I couldnt eat anything else cause the smell was too nasty! (Sauerkraut)

Emily was showing off for all of her adoring fans at her birthday party. They were trying to get her to say mama and she kept answering with daddy. then she just plain started being goofy. So if you werent at her party, here she is showing off for you too!

Videos at Last!

Ok there is only one here, gonna attempt 2 more but I htink this thing gave up on me...or I was trying to put too big of one on here, but even if I can't get the others, this one is pretty darn cute:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If you are in need of avon, particularly in the Springfield area, here you go. My sister is now selling Avon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Warning: Extreme Cuteness Coming Soon

Ok, so I finally took Emily to get her picture made on Saturday. I have no self control when it comes to pictures of her. She is just so adorable and precious, how can I resist getting pictures? i did have self control not to spend the extra $20 for online photos, but beyond that, well, lets just say if you want a picture of her, I might have an extra one:) They are supposed to be back on Thursday...I'll pick them up Sunday at the latest and will post them. She just sat there and grinned for some of them, curls going everywhere, in her cute little outfits. I know some of you have been worried I would never dress my little girl up but start her out as a tomboy from day 1, but yes, I do enjoy playing dress up with her:) If I had self restraint I'd take her to other places and get pictures and only order the cheap package, but I have no self restraint I want all of them, so therefore, I can't go get her pictures made very often, the rest is up to my photography skills!

And does anyone know why nickelodeon, cartoon network and disney cant pick out a schedule and stay with it....we are watching an INCREDIBLY STUPID cartoon right now, Fanboy and CHum Chum because there arent any other cartoons on! What happened to scooby doo and garfield that we got last week???

Ok, stayed tuned whenever I pick up the pictures I'm scanning them in (the proof sheet is hard to see looking at it) but consider yourself warned they are REALLY CUTE!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No, we didn't go trick or treating I just put this on Emily for a few minutes on Saturday, took a few pictures and then took it off. Thought I'd share a picture for anyone wanting to see her dressed as a puppy dog.
Awww....isn't that just adorable! I may be biased, but she sure is cute! Anyway, I put this outfit on her and I didnt like made her look nothing at all like a baby but totally like a little girl! It is a little bit Christmasy, but if she only wears it for the couple weeks around Christmas she won't wear it much and it is cute, just makes her look too big!

Emily says, "Hey I have an idea...remember when you filled this truck with dirt a couple weeks has rained and this should be fun!" Her friend agrees. (Yes, it was all Emily's idea, usually it is the other way around!)

"It was tasty too, but sure did make me thirsty!" (No, not icing this time, pure genuine MUD! Grandma wondered if she needed more than one jacket....yes, they definitely get dirty! Good news, tide stain release actually got all that mud out!)

I've had fun, but can we go inside? My hands are cold.

Check out this new chair....allows me access to the couch. I did discover that the train works well for this too, but it sometimes rolls with me!

See I got on the couch with Mommy and Kendall. I love my Kendall puppy and today is her birthday. Happy birthday Kendall!

Aren't I such a big girl I love my new chairs!

See this is how you do it! Mommy can't get away from me now!

I have mommys footrest to get into the rocking chair. When she came in I was sitting here holding my blanket and sucking my thumb. Mommy said it was really cute!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me, Indecisive??

Ok, so anyone involved with Emilys recent birthday party may laugh at that statement. And then I wasnt going to take her to get her pictures made, now I am. I had chosen Penneys, then I got to looking at Portrait Innovations. They had a nice package for only $10. Sounded like a good deal. BUT...does anyone have any idea how much they charge for additional sheets beyond the package? (I called Portrait Innovations) Yeah, we are still going to Penneys, $3.99 a sheet is more up to my speed. So now the big decision, she can have a change of clothes and get her picture made in two outfits. One will be her fancy dress (not sure when else she is going to wear it:) and the other....oh the decisions. I won't decide tonight...if I do that is still several days away for me to decide. Anyone have any suggestions (take into consideration if you have no idea what she has, describe it, she probably has something close...the kid has more clothes than she'll probably ever be able to wear!)

Now, I'm attempting stuffed pasta shells for dinner so I need ot go see if my stuff to fill it with is ready:)