Friday, April 23, 2010

Table Manners -- Or lack thereof

I had one of those "wish I'd caught it on film, but wouldn't want her to think it was that cute" moments today. I was feeding another little girl lunch while Emily was eating too. The other little girl gets a big grin while looking at Emily, so I look over at her and they both crack up. My dear, darling daughter was sitting in her high chair eating her blueberries with a piece of broccoli sticking out of both of her ears. I wasn't ignoring her or very far away, and when I saw her I laughed too. Then tried to tell her no no and that she was supposed to eat the broccoli and not stick it in her ears, but well....when you are laughing it is hard to get your point across! Oh, the things I would miss if I actually had to work:)

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God Knows

God knows when we need a laugh. Ok, as many of you know, I've been a wee bit stressed lately, primarily on the issue of health insurance and was about to the end of my rope when I got a phone call. Banfield Pet Hospital. Kendall won a drawing for a free checkup. Worried about how to pay for health care and my dog gets a free doctors visit, yes, God knows when we need a laugh. And that must've cleared my head enough to come up with a solution to my problem (provided my c-section surgery doesnt count against my perfect bill of health) and so all is better now. Meanwhile, I've been clicking away with my camera and even have some video, I'll get it posted soon.

And just remember one of my favorite verses "When I am afraid, I will trust in you" Dont' remember where its at other than the Bible though:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backyard Fun

Emily loves the backyard. She loved it when she didnt do anything other than swing, but our backyard is getting to be quite a little play area. She got a new playhouse (i'll try to get pictures today) from a relative (used but free:) and her Grandpa is buildign her a sandbox, and she's just the right size for her little slide and the rocket spinner thing. So backyard fun is a big part of our day (can anyone tell how excited we are for spring??) Anyway, here are a few pics. She found this rock in the yard and carried it around for a while before putting it in the stroller to take inside with her.

It's all about spring flowers week and we were planting flowers (in a pot not on her!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010 (216 photos), by Lori Walker

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Trip Report

Ok, so I sorta have a little time right now (subject to come to a crashing halt whenever Emily decides to push buttons or want a bath) so I thought I'd try to give a quick report of our weekend trip to Petit Jean. God was smiling on wouldn't believe the incredible weather, much needed after the LONG LONG winter we've had. And yes, I did attend the sunrise service which was amazing. If you've ever witnessed a sunrise at Stout's Point, you might begin to understand, but this was the best sunrise I've ever seen there (ok so admittedly the 4 other sunrises I've seen there were also Easters, but hey, at least I made it then!) and I didnt have on coveralls and I didnt need an umbrella and I didnt freeze. And the message was great, I love listening to Brother Bill (my preacher in my Arkansas days) you can just feel God there. And God used a glowworm stuck between a one year old and a wall to make sure I was awake enough to get there.

Hikes...we got to go to the foot of Cedar Falls. That was our first and only everyone (minus mother-in-law) hike. Later I had to tell the maintenance supervisor that I'm not sure how he did it, but I was positive that the trail had gotten longer and MUCH steeper in the last four years. By the time we got to the top I was sure I'm in the worst shape of my life and was questioning how on earth I'd ever done that trail four times in one day. But I was carrying a 17 month old on my back...that's all it was wasnt it? :)

When the rest of the family went to the submarine in Little Rock, EMily and I went to Cedar Creek. Was as amazing as I remembered, and Emily was a little trooper and walked most of it all by herself. She loved climbing up and down the rocks and would have gone up and down the same ones several times if I'd let her. We also put on our pretty dress to try and get some pretty Easter pictures since we cant really afford to go to Penneys right now to get them made.
And we drove around Red Bluff Drive.

And on Friday we went diamond hunting....we weren't greedy we left all the diamonds there for someone else to find:) Neal, Jill, Mark, Lauren and Andrew were seriously looking for diamonds, I was chasing Emily and Emily and Grandpa were having so much fun playing in the dirt. No diamonds, but some things are priceless!

So it was a fun trip, Emily did great on the drive considering how long she'd been cooped up in a car, and we took a couple pictures--see above post there are over 200 didnt feel like sorting through them, so you get teh good the bad and the ugly (that would be me at the end of Cedar Falls!).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coming soon

I took tons of pictures this weekend, will be putting them up soon so keep checking soon as I have time!