Friday, April 23, 2010

Table Manners -- Or lack thereof

I had one of those "wish I'd caught it on film, but wouldn't want her to think it was that cute" moments today. I was feeding another little girl lunch while Emily was eating too. The other little girl gets a big grin while looking at Emily, so I look over at her and they both crack up. My dear, darling daughter was sitting in her high chair eating her blueberries with a piece of broccoli sticking out of both of her ears. I wasn't ignoring her or very far away, and when I saw her I laughed too. Then tried to tell her no no and that she was supposed to eat the broccoli and not stick it in her ears, but well....when you are laughing it is hard to get your point across! Oh, the things I would miss if I actually had to work:)

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