Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our weekends have been busy lately (reason for no posts...that's typically when I have time!) We went to Grandma and Grandpas last weekend, which was fine, fun and all, but Emily refuses to sleep there...not just at naptime, that goes for 2 am as well. And if we put her in bed with us, none of us get any sleep, including Kendall! (who gets displaced from her position right between us and is forced to lay at our feet...oh the mistreatment of our dog) But here are a few pictures to catch up. Neal was out back shooting and Kendall was scared so Emiliy was loving on her. Doesn't she look comforted? :)

Her cousins came over the weekend before and she had her hat, purse, baby, and her toenails painted....Rebecca is going to make her a girly girl:)

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