Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photos Attempt #2

Ok, so when they called I did decide to let them come back to take Emily's picture again. I must admit I love playing dress up with her and getting her all cute and posing for pictures. And I do get a free 8x10 after all., ah nice and peaceful rainy Saturday. A great day for sleeping in. Well, that's what I thought but Emily decided to get up at 530 anyway. So mommy did too. Then after breakfast, about 815 she laid down and went to sleep for a couple hours. This was good, push naptime back so we wouldn't be cranky for pictures and we might actually make it to a birthday party. So I fed her lunch got her dressed, gathered up a bucket of her favorite toys, a few blankets and had everything ready for the photographer to arrive. He got here right when I was expecting him and while he was setting up, Emily got comfortable enough to get down and play and then the moment of truth arrived, how would she do? The first couple pictures she just sort of stared at him, then he started pulling toys out of her bucket and magic...she turned into a show-off. Grins and giggles, and hugs for her penguin and oh, she was so cute! This lasted the entire time, it went way too fast, except of course for the fact that I simply won't get to keep the pictures, because the photographer didn't know how much the pictures cost. Hmmm....that can't be good. In about a week a "photo artist" will call me and then they will bring out a laptop with the pictures and all the enhancements/collages and such that they create and I'll get to choose my "free" photo and anything else I wish to purchase. At least she wasnt crying, but I could somewhat see the pictures on the camera as he was taking them and I think there are probably 25 or more good pictures! I just need a couple backdrops, a light set up and hey, I could do this myself! Since I can't really afford to buy any more.

I also realized today that I have an addiction. Neal said its ok though because I come home with bags bulging full of little girl clothes and typically have spent $5 or less. But her closet is about to get full. It was raining all day today but it stopped for a few minutes and I was able to go to a couple garage sales and found some good bargains and cute things. I'm busy teh next 2 or 3 weekends....which is good, we dont really need any more clothes-but I would still like a couple pairs of girly shorts!

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Anonymous said...

You are going to make a girly girl out of her if you keep it up!