Friday, May 21, 2010

Emily's Days

My baby girl is getting so big! She is a lot of fun these days. She loves wearing her pretty dresses, playing in the mud, and can do lots of simple things you ask her to do. Notice I said she can do not that she will. She has a stubborn streak and if she gets something in her head, that is what she intends to do. For instance last night she was doing a puzzle (ok, so it is a 24 piece puzzle, she wasn't really doing it) but was determined and whenever all the kiddos went home she piled on the pieces on it and started trying to take it upstairs. Luckily she didnt fall!

Anyway, everyday there is something new. And our professional pictures we got last week...they are coming to try to sell them to me this afternoon. Neal has said he will come look too and I really dont want to see them because I think they will be good and will make me sad not to have all of them!

And here are a few pics of recent activities.
Planting flowers in the backyard. Notice that there is a 4 year old and three one year olds. What are the odds we'll actually have flowers??

There was a rock in the bucket, stick in hand. Not sure what she was planning on doing, but she knew:)
She has figured out how to swing herself and spin on the big swing. And evidently every time you spin you have to say "whee" while going in circles.
Emily and her puzzle she likes to try to do but can't quite get done (we have some 4 piece puzzles she can actually do, but what fun are those??)
Riding on her spider man truck....sorry its a little blurry.
More determination with whatever she was up to outside.
And one of her favorite things. Sit on a pile of books and read:)

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