Friday, May 21, 2010

photos update

ok, remember I said they might be pricey??? I had NO idea. The pictures did, in fact, turn out great. The cost, this is the baffling part. Who, in their right mind, would pay $400 for pictures?? I could buy a backdrop and lighting equipment for that. Would be fun to do if we had the money, I simply couldnt believe the cost, I was in shock. And they wouldnt sell me just one picture. So after all the headache and hassle...I got absolutely no pictures, just very sad I couldnt get any! So now I dont have 18 month photos after all. Didnt feel like robbing a bank. I'm still in shock for what they wanted. But JCPenneys still has the 3.99 a sheet or 7.99 for a package. Not 399 with no decimal!

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