Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have you ever had one of those moments, those little things you are really looking forward to, turn into a horrifically embarrassing, not-as-all-as-youd-planned, moments? Ok, so it wasn't a big deal, but you all know how much I love pictures, especially pictures of a little curly headed girl. So about a month ago whenever the company that took the hospital pictures called up and said that I had paid for an 18month picture with my hospital pics (they said it would be in the paper if I'd read it...I'm guessing NONE of you read that paper either) and that they bring a portable studio to your house and take the picture, I was all ready for it. Problem was they could com teh day after they called, which happened to be when Emily had an ear infection. If I was going to go through the hassle, I wanted her to at least feel good to get good pictures. The next option...we were going ot be at Petit Jean. So they said they would call back. I'd almost given up on them calling when, Monday afternoon, my phone rang. A photographer would be in my area on Tuesday, would 2-3 work for me....well, Emily is usually asleep then, but so are the other kids, she can wake up (I actually said all this to the person on the phone after explaining I do in home daycare and there would be other kids present. They assured me this would be no problem...guess they had never met the kids I watch!) and so it was scheduled. They said I could use multiple outifits, her favorite toys, whatever I wanted. Well, I'm getting one 8x10, they said there would be no pressure to buy additional pictures, so I thought, one outfit should be sufficient. If she wears 2 I'll want at least 2 pictures:) So I pick out a dress (luckily I'd found an adorable one on clearance for $3 Saturday) and all its accessories. The only "toy" we chose was her little purse. I didnt take her favorite blankie or anything, didn't figure it was necessary for one picture. Ok, so Tuesday....not exactly an ideal day, I'm maxed out on the number of kids I can keep, and for some reason they all decided this was the day they werent going to sleep and instead they would scream and run wild. So, this is what the photographer showed up to. I shoudl have just bit my pride there and told her it wouldnt work and apologized for her comign all the way over to our house becuase that would have saved me the horrific experience that followed. The kids were wild, the photographer wanted blankets, toys and such so I took three fo the kids (the mobile ones not in playpens) with me upstairs to get a baby, stuffed animal and her favorite blankie. Photographer is pleased with what I bring down. So we get ready to do pictures. I try making the older kids sit on the couch adn watch, while trying to get the babies to sleep (none of this is working I might add). I use success when about this time Emily decides that she doesnt want to pose, she is not going to smile and if we got her favorite blankie she's going to hold on to it and suck her thumb, not sit on it and smile pretty. Finally I just pick Emily up and the photgrapher says she will write it down as 1/2 shot and they'll come back adn finish, and unlike the lady on the phone told me I could tell them I would like a time that Emily isn't normally sleeping and that is on a Saturday or Sunday. Information that would have been nice ahead of time but oh well. The concept is good. Just not while doing daycare with a kid that is usually napping and wanting a snack if she couldnt sleep. I'm pretty sure if they actually call back, I may jsut tell them to forget it. I feel so bad for the photographer having to deal with that and not being able to get any good pictures and I must admit, I was embarrassed beyond belief for the way everyone was acting. An experience I NEVER wish to repeat. and I can't afford to buy any additional pictures anyway so it will save me the agony of having to pick just one if they actually got good ones. I'm fairly certain that even though she took several there wasnt a single good photo in the lot.

Ok, so that was just a rundown of yesterday. At the end of they day I bbq steak, corn and beans and ate some chocolate. That was good.

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