Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Emily and I spent the day shopping, since my goal is to be completely done by Thanksgiving. Here is one of our stops....

Santa was ok, but what she really wanted was to ride the reindeer!

Remember When....

Ok, so I was thinking yesterday about well, memories. I think I looked at a calendar and saw it was Granny's bday (it was wasn't it?) Anyway, I thought of biscuits. Now, for those of you that knew them, you'll understand. We were having fried chicken (oh, to have that right now!) with Granny and Pa and Pa asked for some chicken. Granny said "You have a biscuit" this went back and forth for a while, Pa asking for chicken, Granny telling him he had a biscuit until finally she picked the biscuit up, held it in his face and said, "You have a biscuit right here". And through the stifled laughter, my sister hands him a piece of chicken and says "Here's a piece of chicken, Pa" For those of you that didn't know them, Granny swore her hearing was fine and didnt need hearing aids. Occasionally she would put them in and not turn them on, making them effective as ear plugs. And then I remembered the last time Pa was in the hospital for open heart surgery. All us grandkids were sitting around telling stories much like this and Granny comments, "I just love to hear them laugh" having no idea the stories we were telling. It brought a smile to my face. Don't you know how much Granny would love to see all the kiddos now, and if there are windows in heaven, I'm sure she's looking down on all of us right now, smiling at Emily as she puts her dolls to bed every night in the beds Pa made and the blankies she made.

With that...coming soon, a holiday memories post. thinking of all your favorite holiday memories. But for now, I've got a shopping date with a curly headed little girl as soon as we eat breakfast. She is also quite excited over the prospect of touching a ssssssnake! (Mommy needs a natural events calendar for 2011)

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pictures are back!

We got our pictures back. Yeah, a few of the puppy's hind end, but Emily was grinning so big I just couldnt help get a couple:) Let me know if you'd like one, I may have ordered a few more than I really need!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Two totally different thoughts....

I've never been one to like to pay full price for anything, and I hate throwing any food away, even if it is a half eaten banana, but lately I think I've become obsessed with bargain hunting. It actually excites me to see a big sale...and I'm not much into shopping. I couldnt tell you a thing about perfumes, women's clothes, or anything else many shopaholics go to the mall for. But you want a toy bargain (specifically on toys for 2 year old little girls) I can rattle off the current best sales. And I will rearrange a weekend to get to a good consignment sale. I dont go overboard buying, I just like saving money. Now, you say, doesnt everyone want to save money? Well, yes, but does everyone have a detailed list of what they are going to buy for Christmas with the suggested retail price and then the price that they are actually willing to pay for said item? I tell you, I think I need help! (but for those of you on my Christmas list, I may only spend $5 but you may get a $20 gift:)

Totally unrelated topic.....

I have not read a single sentence in Max Lucado's new book Outlive Your Life, but on KLOVE (my radio station that is almost always on) they keep talking about it, and it has gotten me to thinking about many things. First, all those people who have performed acts of kindness, whether it be life altering or just momentary smile gathering. Saturday Emily went with me to the grocery store. I'm working on getting her in the carseat over all the groceries (eventually I will remember to get the stroller out of the car and can put more stuff in teh trunk) when the lady getting ready to get into the car next to me offers to push my cart into the cart corral for me. That was really nice because I hate putting EMily in teh car and then walking away from it, even for a few steps, and she wasn't exactly being cooperative anyway (way past lunch and naptime for little girls) so to me, it was a very nice gesture (so if you ever see a mom with young kids in a parking lot and they have emptied or nearly emptied their cart, they would appreciate the helping hand of putting the cart away). And then there are those acts of kindness that stretch the realms of what we believe. I had braces as a preteen. Not uncommon in any way, except that at the time I really needed them, my family had no way to pay for them, and I was going to have to just deal with teeth exactly as God had placed them in my mouth. But God put an orthodontist in my life that was just what was needed. At the time we were asked not to tell anyone, as he didnt want to seem as though he were playing favorites or anything, but he new we couldnt afford braces, and he saw the need for them, and being in his position, he asked my parents to meet with him and you know, I got braces and it wasnt a financial hardship thanks to this man, and I'm thankful for having straight teeth, and all the orthodontist got was a few loaves of homemade bread, some cookies and other homemade treats. And I often wonder if he ever knew how grateful we were? So outlive your life....doing something that impacts someone else's life, even after you are out of their life for one reason or another. And I think about my can I make an impact for someone else? I've been thinking for a couple months and have a few ideas of ways I could make a difference. Some are as simple as teaching the kiddos I watch songs like "If I were a butterfly" and showing them that God loves them. Some are a little more complex...I sometimes get big ideas. I'll get back to that one later, because as ideas are turned into realities, some of my big ideas may require going beyond just my house, my family, and even my friends. So think about it....are you making a difference?

Monday, November 1, 2010


We made it! We have survived the last week of incredibly insanely busy. Monday and Tuesday last week I had to attempt to finish up birthday cleaning, prep, etc, which didnt all get done but good enough. Then on Wednesday was the day of the cake. So from this point, my week in pictures.... 130 am.....COMPLETION! Lots of praying this birthday cake that I had begun mixing up icing for at 8 pm and started icing at 9 (had to put a little girl to bed in there) would still be intact come morning. (but just in case I took pictures as soon as it was done to show people at least I'd finished it) Dont look at the background, it was 130 am, my normal bedtime is 9 pm, I ran out of umph to clean!

I decided on a merry go round cause Emily likes lots of things and this was how I could incorporate several of them. There was an elephant, a fish, elmo, and flip flops....

a schnauzer (the top), a horse, a slide....

a chicken (or doodle doo in emily language), and crayons

These are a few of her favorite things... (yes, think sound of music and sing that)

Party day arrived! Decorations were minimal, not exactly what I had planned, but really there are only 24 hours in any given day and eventually a person does have to sleep! If you were to look closely at the banner behind her, you would see pictures of her last year.

We've been practicing posing. Funny thing, I was trying to get her to sit in front of the presents, but she moved the one in the center and sat down front and center!

Her daddy was over on the side telling her what to do for posing but she kept looking at him instead of the camera!

The cake table (not located where I had planned, but it was only getting moved a couple feet, not halfway across the house!)

Her newly discovered talent. Her cousin taught her how to flip a rubber band.

She wanted to open and play with presents as soon as they were opened and when mommy wouldnt get it out of hte box for her, she went on the go to try to get someone else to open it for her.

She was determined to get every bit of paper off of this present and was practically standing on her head to do it!

She soon figured out that there were more fun toys or shoes in all the packages.

And she had the excited suprised face down pat!

The last one was in this bag. Her daddy cut a hole in it so she was peeking in.

This was what was inside. Just have to get some chain or rope and get it hung up outside for her.

As soon as they were opened it was time to play with stuff and try it on. New houseshoes went on first.

Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.

And now play!

Jump in the bucket and ride (she loves it grandma!)

Notice the purple shoes, the princess dress up outfit and the new vacuum. Then everyone went home and we went to bed. Saturday rolled around and the dog got her hair cut, we attempted to restore order in our house, and then it was off to target for pictures. It was great! They didnt exactly pose where they were supposed to a lot but we got several cute pics. If you want to see them just let me know and I can send you a link to the pictures (it wont let me just post them)./

And along came Sunday, Happy Halloween from a little orange witch.

She looked confused as people kept putting candy in her bucket.

And finally, today we went to the doctor and she got 2 shots and didnt cry at all! She's getting to be a big big girl! And now, maybe I can relax!