Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remember When....

Ok, so I was thinking yesterday about well, memories. I think I looked at a calendar and saw it was Granny's bday (it was wasn't it?) Anyway, I thought of biscuits. Now, for those of you that knew them, you'll understand. We were having fried chicken (oh, to have that right now!) with Granny and Pa and Pa asked for some chicken. Granny said "You have a biscuit" this went back and forth for a while, Pa asking for chicken, Granny telling him he had a biscuit until finally she picked the biscuit up, held it in his face and said, "You have a biscuit right here". And through the stifled laughter, my sister hands him a piece of chicken and says "Here's a piece of chicken, Pa" For those of you that didn't know them, Granny swore her hearing was fine and didnt need hearing aids. Occasionally she would put them in and not turn them on, making them effective as ear plugs. And then I remembered the last time Pa was in the hospital for open heart surgery. All us grandkids were sitting around telling stories much like this and Granny comments, "I just love to hear them laugh" having no idea the stories we were telling. It brought a smile to my face. Don't you know how much Granny would love to see all the kiddos now, and if there are windows in heaven, I'm sure she's looking down on all of us right now, smiling at Emily as she puts her dolls to bed every night in the beds Pa made and the blankies she made.

With that...coming soon, a holiday memories post. thinking of all your favorite holiday memories. But for now, I've got a shopping date with a curly headed little girl as soon as we eat breakfast. She is also quite excited over the prospect of touching a ssssssnake! (Mommy needs a natural events calendar for 2011)

Have a great day!

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Tara said...

i laughed when i got to the word biscuits because i knew where that story was ended up in tears before i was finished too. yes, granny would've been 94 yesterday. i miss them both so much. to have some of her roast and taters, or fried chicken, or cinnamon rolls, or angel food cake...or just about anything but goulash and meatloaf. :-). and you're right...imagine how much more spoiled our kids would be with them around. (aunt tara needs a natural events calendar too)