Friday, January 29, 2010

Backyard fun

It was actually warm enough to go outside for a while Wednesday and look, no snow! Although we have maybe an inch this morning hopefully it wont stick around least we dont have what some of you have:) So just some fun pictures....notice no snow, plenty of mud!

I dumped this out...the only ice in the whole yard, yep thats where she had to walk

Don't we look happy to be outside!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a few photos

I don't have a lot of time this morning, just wanted to put up a few pics.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have pictures on the camera, sitting right beside me. I however, do not currently have the cord to get them from the camera to the computer so you will have to wait til later. Emily is funny these days. She was wandering around the other night in her pjs, with one of her dressy shoes on and a watch of her daddys on. And she thought she was big stuff. She has been helping her daddy move cars from the driveway to the garage and she thinks that is cool! And yes, on Sunday we finally let the poor child out of the house and took her to church...where she fell off of the bouncy zebra in the church nursery, but she wasnt hurt, just upset. She has a bruise on her foot from where she was "helping" me put away the "spot shot" carpet cleaner and she dropped the can on her foot while handing it to me. And she is learning to use a fork. Occassionally she actually stabs something with it, but most of the time she holds the fork in one hand and picks up her food with the other. Which means when we are having food that isn't finger foods she still wants to do it herself. She still loves dancing to the theme song of cops. She has also gotten to where when it is time to get up in the mornings she says, "want to take this" and then decides which item in her bed she wants to take, sometimes a stuffed animal, sometimes a blanket. Altogether she's a goofy little girl most of the time. And my next post should contain pictures:)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I had to use laundry mats a lot in my early adult (was I really an adult then???) life and I came to despise laundry mats. Some of them weren't bad...the one in Walnut Ridge was ok, but overall, not a pleasant experience, not to mention I could never have enough quarters, and clothes never really got dry. And the way some laundry mats looked I wondered if they actually got clean. So the day I got a house of my own (well, actually the washer and dryer moved in before me) I purchased a very nice Maytag Neptune washer and dryer set. And once a week I would do all my laundry, a whopping 3 loads. Boy, those were the days. A week of laundry in 3 loads. I would regularly wash my blankets and comforter just to have the fresh clean cuddly smell because I didnt have any other laundry I needed to do. Then one day I got married. I had to go back to using a laundry mat for a while which, after having my own washer, was even more unpleasant than before, but I survived and when we bought our house, I was so excited to see my washer and dryer arrive and promptly began doing laundry. Four or five loads a week and I was done. Then about 15 months ago, laundry became my favorite activity...or at least you would think it is because I do not 3 loads a week, but average about that many a day! So the question I often find myself asking is how one person, little as she is, can create SOOO much laundry. I run out of laundry detergent and spend time looking online to see where I can buy, not the best laundry detergent, but the one that will do the most loads. Some evenigns I only do one load...diaper night. And yes, I realize I brought that on myself and could use throw away diapers, but then I smile and think...hmmm...a scoop of detergent, a little water and electricity and some bleach....I am savign a LOT of money. And doing a LOT of laundry. I'm not sure why I felt like blogging about my laundry, but I did, and now I must go....guess what? I need to do laundry!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chasing Snowballs

It FINALLY got above freezing...hip hip hooray! Poor little Emily hadnt made it past the back porch out of the house in nearly three weeks. Kendall had barely been making it off the porch to go potty it had just been SO cold. But today, at long last, we went outside and played for a few minutes after all the other kiddos had gone home. Sorry this picture is a little was nearly sunset when we were out there but the reflection was still kinda bright off the snow which made for dark pictures. As you know, Kendall loves to chase things, even snowballs. She probably would still be looking for them (she never brought one back for some reason:) if we would have stayed outside longer.

Buddies playing in the snow. Notice she is sitting almost the same height as the TOP of the kiddy picnic table. Here's where we were throwing snowballs from. That was a lot of fun!

A snow angel....

And an angel in the snow.

Was pretty hard to walk cause she would start sinking as soon as she tried to move. Hopefully it will all disappear soon and we can just normally play outside!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter, Winter, Everywhere

It snowed on Christmas. The sun came out today, but its only 11 or so outside. It has been snowing and so cold so much, poor little Emily hasnt left the house since we got home from Grandmas. We thought about going to Sams today but it is so cold out we havent gone. We will however try to go to church tomorrow, so she could get out of the house soon. She is ready to go in whatever form needed. She will ride a lion if she has to. Or she would go with any of the parents that come to pick up their kids at the end of the day.

Ok, so I wanted to show you pictures of the snow, however I didnt want to brave the cold so you have to deal with window pics. YEs, that is a little tikes picnic table. Somewhere under all that snow are the benches. Even if we let Emily get out to play in it she wouldnt be able to go anywhere because she woudl just disappear in the snow.

Emily is such a big girl sitting at the table holding her cup of milk, eating pretzel crackers, with her bunny slippers on.

Good thing we can go somewhere without taking the civic. It may not get out until spring!

Its sunny today! I just took these pics out the back door a few minutes ago.

Emily got her daddys gloves and was playing with them earlier.

They were a lot of fun!

Friday, January 8, 2010

1940 something....

I thought this was pretty neat. It's my grandpa and uncle in the late 1940s (I think). My dads cousin has put several short clips like this on dvd and emailed this to my mom, so I thought i'd share.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hats and Shoes and Purses

I've always been a tomboy, with my favorite shoes being a nice comfy (goretex of course) pair of hiking boots. Well, Emily has discovered shoes. I think her cousin Rebecca was telling her how great they were the other night, so for the past week she has been bringing random shoes to me wanting me to put them on her. Often the two shoes don't match, but she finally figured out to bring two or it is a little hard to walk. And then her three year old friend likes to play dress up and put on all the different hats we have in our dress up bin for daycare. Just the past few days Emily has figured out she, too, can wear hats..... and the purse thing has been going on for a while, she LOVES carrying around purses and bags. So I may have been blessed with a girly girl, who right now is runnign at me with chocolate all over her face (ever wonder why they are called chocolate kisses? I think that is what I"m about to get!)and bracelets on her arm. And as promised, here are a few pics from the past week. Cousins can be so much fun! And they give me whatever I want!

Check out my new bunny houseshoes. They are a little big but they still keep my feet warm.

And the best present of all....a pretty bag to carry around and play in.

Most of the time, this is the way we ride the stick pony. Occasionally we will turn it over the other way!

Does anyone else think it is hard to see in hats?

I can't figure out why I keep running in to things!

This one has small holes but it isnt much easier to see and with all these toys around I need to be able to see!

PIctures soon

I promise I'll get more pictures and stories up soon...I havent forgotten, just been busy or relaxing:)