Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have pictures on the camera, sitting right beside me. I however, do not currently have the cord to get them from the camera to the computer so you will have to wait til later. Emily is funny these days. She was wandering around the other night in her pjs, with one of her dressy shoes on and a watch of her daddys on. And she thought she was big stuff. She has been helping her daddy move cars from the driveway to the garage and she thinks that is cool! And yes, on Sunday we finally let the poor child out of the house and took her to church...where she fell off of the bouncy zebra in the church nursery, but she wasnt hurt, just upset. She has a bruise on her foot from where she was "helping" me put away the "spot shot" carpet cleaner and she dropped the can on her foot while handing it to me. And she is learning to use a fork. Occassionally she actually stabs something with it, but most of the time she holds the fork in one hand and picks up her food with the other. Which means when we are having food that isn't finger foods she still wants to do it herself. She still loves dancing to the theme song of cops. She has also gotten to where when it is time to get up in the mornings she says, "want to take this" and then decides which item in her bed she wants to take, sometimes a stuffed animal, sometimes a blanket. Altogether she's a goofy little girl most of the time. And my next post should contain pictures:)

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