Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hats and Shoes and Purses

I've always been a tomboy, with my favorite shoes being a nice comfy (goretex of course) pair of hiking boots. Well, Emily has discovered shoes. I think her cousin Rebecca was telling her how great they were the other night, so for the past week she has been bringing random shoes to me wanting me to put them on her. Often the two shoes don't match, but she finally figured out to bring two or it is a little hard to walk. And then her three year old friend likes to play dress up and put on all the different hats we have in our dress up bin for daycare. Just the past few days Emily has figured out she, too, can wear hats..... and the purse thing has been going on for a while, she LOVES carrying around purses and bags. So I may have been blessed with a girly girl, who right now is runnign at me with chocolate all over her face (ever wonder why they are called chocolate kisses? I think that is what I"m about to get!)and bracelets on her arm. And as promised, here are a few pics from the past week. Cousins can be so much fun! And they give me whatever I want!

Check out my new bunny houseshoes. They are a little big but they still keep my feet warm.

And the best present of all....a pretty bag to carry around and play in.

Most of the time, this is the way we ride the stick pony. Occasionally we will turn it over the other way!

Does anyone else think it is hard to see in hats?

I can't figure out why I keep running in to things!

This one has small holes but it isnt much easier to see and with all these toys around I need to be able to see!

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Liz Hightower said...

It had been a while since I read your blog, and Emily is so grown up and beautiful! You must be so proud :) Love you!