Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chasing Snowballs

It FINALLY got above freezing...hip hip hooray! Poor little Emily hadnt made it past the back porch out of the house in nearly three weeks. Kendall had barely been making it off the porch to go potty it had just been SO cold. But today, at long last, we went outside and played for a few minutes after all the other kiddos had gone home. Sorry this picture is a little was nearly sunset when we were out there but the reflection was still kinda bright off the snow which made for dark pictures. As you know, Kendall loves to chase things, even snowballs. She probably would still be looking for them (she never brought one back for some reason:) if we would have stayed outside longer.

Buddies playing in the snow. Notice she is sitting almost the same height as the TOP of the kiddy picnic table. Here's where we were throwing snowballs from. That was a lot of fun!

A snow angel....

And an angel in the snow.

Was pretty hard to walk cause she would start sinking as soon as she tried to move. Hopefully it will all disappear soon and we can just normally play outside!

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