Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter, Winter, Everywhere

It snowed on Christmas. The sun came out today, but its only 11 or so outside. It has been snowing and so cold so much, poor little Emily hasnt left the house since we got home from Grandmas. We thought about going to Sams today but it is so cold out we havent gone. We will however try to go to church tomorrow, so she could get out of the house soon. She is ready to go in whatever form needed. She will ride a lion if she has to. Or she would go with any of the parents that come to pick up their kids at the end of the day.

Ok, so I wanted to show you pictures of the snow, however I didnt want to brave the cold so you have to deal with window pics. YEs, that is a little tikes picnic table. Somewhere under all that snow are the benches. Even if we let Emily get out to play in it she wouldnt be able to go anywhere because she woudl just disappear in the snow.

Emily is such a big girl sitting at the table holding her cup of milk, eating pretzel crackers, with her bunny slippers on.

Good thing we can go somewhere without taking the civic. It may not get out until spring!

Its sunny today! I just took these pics out the back door a few minutes ago.

Emily got her daddys gloves and was playing with them earlier.

They were a lot of fun!

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Nezzy said...

Emily is just precious. Ya, this Ozarks farm chick has been battelin' the snow and ice here on the Ponderosa. I have to get out and chore in the stinkin' stuff. Take care and stay cozy.

From the hills and hollers of Missouri, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!