Friday, January 15, 2010


I had to use laundry mats a lot in my early adult (was I really an adult then???) life and I came to despise laundry mats. Some of them weren't bad...the one in Walnut Ridge was ok, but overall, not a pleasant experience, not to mention I could never have enough quarters, and clothes never really got dry. And the way some laundry mats looked I wondered if they actually got clean. So the day I got a house of my own (well, actually the washer and dryer moved in before me) I purchased a very nice Maytag Neptune washer and dryer set. And once a week I would do all my laundry, a whopping 3 loads. Boy, those were the days. A week of laundry in 3 loads. I would regularly wash my blankets and comforter just to have the fresh clean cuddly smell because I didnt have any other laundry I needed to do. Then one day I got married. I had to go back to using a laundry mat for a while which, after having my own washer, was even more unpleasant than before, but I survived and when we bought our house, I was so excited to see my washer and dryer arrive and promptly began doing laundry. Four or five loads a week and I was done. Then about 15 months ago, laundry became my favorite activity...or at least you would think it is because I do not 3 loads a week, but average about that many a day! So the question I often find myself asking is how one person, little as she is, can create SOOO much laundry. I run out of laundry detergent and spend time looking online to see where I can buy, not the best laundry detergent, but the one that will do the most loads. Some evenigns I only do one load...diaper night. And yes, I realize I brought that on myself and could use throw away diapers, but then I smile and think...hmmm...a scoop of detergent, a little water and electricity and some bleach....I am savign a LOT of money. And doing a LOT of laundry. I'm not sure why I felt like blogging about my laundry, but I did, and now I must go....guess what? I need to do laundry!


Jeff said...

If you own a Maytag Neptune front load washer with the timer knob (non digital) you should check out for a video that explains the faulty door latch wax motor issue.

You can proactively replace this wax motor before it damages your machine control board.

One other issue you should know about is the bearing failure... When your Neptune bearings are failing the machine will get louder in spin cycle.

Please don't ignore the noise... See for more information.

Tara said...

Wait until there is more than one of them! Of course, we don't have a dryer at all so I can only do about 3 loads before I run out of nails on the wall to hang clothes