Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Stole Spring?

Ok, so remember how nice and warm and sunny the first full day of spring was?  Yeah, remember THAT?!  Then who stole it?  It is gone.  It is cold.  And yes, it is snowing.  But I'm attempting to be optimistic.  It is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny next weekend, which would be great because we actually have plans to do things outside next weekend, whereas this weekend, it simply requires adjusting my cooking to inside as opposed to barbecue.  I'm really looking forward to next weekend.  Our best friends are coming to visit and that should be a lot of fun. 

Last night we went to Aunt Diane's for dinner to celebrate Rebecca's birthday.  Emily always loves seeing them....and since we went to their house, she got to play with their "meows"  Yes, all four of them.  A grown big black cat, a momma cat, and two three or four week old kitties.  And she was hilarious.  Of course kinda made me sad cause one of the kittens looked very similar to bootskitty and the other to little friskies.  granted if I wanted one, they would have been more than willing to give me one, but I really dont ever want the litter box issue, especially with 2 year old!  Anyway, Emily did love playing with them and was hilarious.  I hadnt taken the camera or camcorder, but Diane got pics and video of her.  And she wasnt in that crabby mood she's been in at all yesterday....of course Neal did finally ask her about 5 last night if she was ever going to stop talking, which she did....about 11 when she went to bed!

And now I've got to get a few things finished.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Professional Photos

For those of you that may not have seen these yet, these are Emily's pictures we got taken at Target a couple weeks ago.

I took pictures playing outside yesterday....the first day of spring.  The daffodils started blooming (which Emily picked for daddy but thats ok), the redbuds and bradford pear look like they are close, and the rosebush is about ready to put on leaves....ahhhh spring, isnt it nice?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day At The Park

Thursday as an unusual day.  It turned out we only had one little girl for a few hours so we ended up getting done by 3 and since it was over 75 degrees outside, and Emily was really wanting to go bye bye we decided to go to the park.  There is one in town that doesnt have real big equipment, which also means it isnt usually too busy with older kids, so that is where we went.  And did she ever have fun.  Last summer when we'd gone we had to help her on all the slides....this time I could barely keep up!
 And down we go!
 Crawling through the tunnels was fun too!
 She kept laughing cause she was going so fast mommy could get her picture.
 As soon as she got up from nap we went, without redoing our hair, but as windy as it was it didnt really matter!
 Peek a Boo Mommy

 Lots and lots of sliding fun!
 Then she decided she would go up this ladder..."I do mommy" if I tried to help.

 There was a step on this side, but she was going to get up on that side.  Notice how tight her little fingers are gripping..."I do I do" when I asked if I could help.
 Before we left we had to quickly climb the dinosaur and use the shovel digger thing that was too heavy for her little arms to lift.
She got new hairbows (plastic butterflies) last week (clearance) so she had to wear lots of them at a time.  Then she wanted me to take her picture but got too busy with her playdough to look at the camera.

Spring officially arrives Monday!  Yipee!  And until then....spring cleaning continues!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you Ever Heard a Frog say "ribbit"

I haven't.  And a few years ago I learned (painstakingly I must add) all the calls of frogs and toads in the great state of Missouri (who knew there were over 20 different noises!)  and not a single one of them says "ribbit".  With that being said, my daughter may flunk kindergarten when they ask her what a frog says because she doesnt say ribbit.  She actually has a few different noises, our favorite being "jugorum" (If you say it right you'll sound just like the American Bullfrog)  So sometime this summer, whenever they have climbed out of the mud, I need to take her to find a bullfrog.  I know where there are some at Burr Oak Woods, so we may have to go out there toward evening and con a staff member into letting us into the pond area so she can see her bullfrog, or at least hear him singing!  Sometimes she says "needeep".  (I honestly dont remember what frog that was but it was one....I wasnt joking when I said painstakingly, I didnt think I'd EVER pass that test! and I'm sure I couldnt today).  And the bad part...the parents of the other kids I watch are probably curious when they ask them what a froggy says.  They might say ribbit, but they are around me and Emily many hours throughout a week and so you just never know....kindergarten in Raymore in a few years may not have any "ribbiting" frogs, they may all be bullfrogs:)  By the way, if anyone can tell me what frog actually says something resembling ribbit I'd be interested to know that.

Ok, my peace and quiet is probably nearing an end and at the very least the load of laundry in my dryer is nearing an end so I should wrap this up.  We got target pics this weekend, and i think i'll take the camera out ot play tomorrow, so pictures soon!