Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Stole Spring?

Ok, so remember how nice and warm and sunny the first full day of spring was?  Yeah, remember THAT?!  Then who stole it?  It is gone.  It is cold.  And yes, it is snowing.  But I'm attempting to be optimistic.  It is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny next weekend, which would be great because we actually have plans to do things outside next weekend, whereas this weekend, it simply requires adjusting my cooking to inside as opposed to barbecue.  I'm really looking forward to next weekend.  Our best friends are coming to visit and that should be a lot of fun. 

Last night we went to Aunt Diane's for dinner to celebrate Rebecca's birthday.  Emily always loves seeing them....and since we went to their house, she got to play with their "meows"  Yes, all four of them.  A grown big black cat, a momma cat, and two three or four week old kitties.  And she was hilarious.  Of course kinda made me sad cause one of the kittens looked very similar to bootskitty and the other to little friskies.  granted if I wanted one, they would have been more than willing to give me one, but I really dont ever want the litter box issue, especially with 2 year old!  Anyway, Emily did love playing with them and was hilarious.  I hadnt taken the camera or camcorder, but Diane got pics and video of her.  And she wasnt in that crabby mood she's been in at all yesterday....of course Neal did finally ask her about 5 last night if she was ever going to stop talking, which she did....about 11 when she went to bed!

And now I've got to get a few things finished.

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