Monday, April 4, 2011

"Thank you Daddy for the Baby Moos"

Emily's statement before she went to bed Saturday night.  We went out to the children's farm Saturday with our friends and Emily had a blast.  She really wanted to ride the pony but wasnt quite big enough for that. (minimum age was 3).  But she LOVED the rest of it.  Then we went to Chuck E Cheese and it was fun, but there werent very many activities for toddlers and before our pizza came she was wanting to go to other tables that already had pizza instead of playing games.  And she wanted to go up and slide but the steps were too far apart for her and there were too many other kids for me to go up with her.  But it was a fun day.  And we couldnt have requested better weather.
Emily watching Mickey Mouse (she had to change into her minnie mouse jammies to watch it) the other morning.  She was feeling MUCH better.  By the way 2 year olds dont throw up in the bucket....and I dont know how I survived without my spot bot.  I love that thing!

Emily wearing as much of the stuff that Aunt Jill sent her at once as she could possibly get on.  She loves the sparkly "Meow".  And you can't see it but she even had to change her panties to wear the ones she got in the mail.
The first animals were the doodle doos.  She likes seeing them but there werent good photo ops so we went to the cow barn.  The calf licked her.  That was really funny (to her)
But she wasnt so sure about riding the saddle.
And she only wanted to ring one bell at a time.  Daddy would shake the chain and she told him no no.
Then we got to give baby goats a bottle of milk.  The ones back here still wanted milk, the ones in the petting area were getting full from so many kids giving them milk.
But they were fun to pet.
I think there was a baby goat that looked like it needed her attention:)

The only scary thing was teh blow dryer when daddy dried her hands.
Her and daddy had to sit on this bench (and a few others) together.
She loved the goats.

The quarter for food to feed this goat was well worth it.  See how much fun she's having.

And yes, it kept sticking her entire hand in its mouth.  And she loved it!  The goat did too.

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