Monday, April 11, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend we went pseudo-camping with my inlaws.  (No tent was involved, not really camping).  Anyway, Emily had a blast playing outside ALL day (we went in the trailer to go pee or get something and she'd say "more play outside" and we'd go back out.)  The weather was nice and warm but not too warm.  We enjoyed it, even heard turkeys gobble (but its not real effective to sneak on a turkey with a two year old and a loud mouthed schnauzer!) 
Riding on Grandpa's old tractor.

 She loves her puppy....she kept hugging her saying, "more picture"
 And Grandpa does whatever Emily wants....he said she's a good workout and I will definitely agree!
We finally got to go on a short hike, but there were big dropoffs the big kids were exploring so we found our own big rocks and took pictures.  She was waving:)

 And she didnt want help going up the big rocks...yep, my girl could go on a short hike at Piney no problem!
 When they got done exploring she had to make all her cousins pose on big rocks with her.
 All day Saturday she kept asking "Where Jonathon go" but she doesnt really say Jonathon so it took a while before I figured out what she was saying.

And who needs toys when you can play in rocks?? 

Wonder what busy activity will keep us busy next weekend....I think there is a special event out at Burr Oak Woods....we should go (there is also a really neat park right there she'd have fun at too!)

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