Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day At The Park

Thursday as an unusual day.  It turned out we only had one little girl for a few hours so we ended up getting done by 3 and since it was over 75 degrees outside, and Emily was really wanting to go bye bye we decided to go to the park.  There is one in town that doesnt have real big equipment, which also means it isnt usually too busy with older kids, so that is where we went.  And did she ever have fun.  Last summer when we'd gone we had to help her on all the slides....this time I could barely keep up!
 And down we go!
 Crawling through the tunnels was fun too!
 She kept laughing cause she was going so fast mommy could get her picture.
 As soon as she got up from nap we went, without redoing our hair, but as windy as it was it didnt really matter!
 Peek a Boo Mommy

 Lots and lots of sliding fun!
 Then she decided she would go up this ladder..."I do mommy" if I tried to help.

 There was a step on this side, but she was going to get up on that side.  Notice how tight her little fingers are gripping..."I do I do" when I asked if I could help.
 Before we left we had to quickly climb the dinosaur and use the shovel digger thing that was too heavy for her little arms to lift.
She got new hairbows (plastic butterflies) last week (clearance) so she had to wear lots of them at a time.  Then she wanted me to take her picture but got too busy with her playdough to look at the camera.

Spring officially arrives Monday!  Yipee!  And until then....spring cleaning continues!

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