Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me, Indecisive??

Ok, so anyone involved with Emilys recent birthday party may laugh at that statement. And then I wasnt going to take her to get her pictures made, now I am. I had chosen Penneys, then I got to looking at Portrait Innovations. They had a nice package for only $10. Sounded like a good deal. BUT...does anyone have any idea how much they charge for additional sheets beyond the package? (I called Portrait Innovations) Yeah, we are still going to Penneys, $3.99 a sheet is more up to my speed. So now the big decision, she can have a change of clothes and get her picture made in two outfits. One will be her fancy dress (not sure when else she is going to wear it:) and the other....oh the decisions. I won't decide tonight...if I do that is still several days away for me to decide. Anyone have any suggestions (take into consideration if you have no idea what she has, describe it, she probably has something close...the kid has more clothes than she'll probably ever be able to wear!)

Now, I'm attempting stuffed pasta shells for dinner so I need ot go see if my stuff to fill it with is ready:)


Anonymous said...

you are a dork...she'll look cute in whatever you put her in so close your eyes, reach into her closet, and pull something out!!! then give her big kisses from aunt tara!!!

Mom said...

Just pick something that fits her well. But make sure we can see the curls!!