Sunday, November 22, 2009


It seems like every day Emily shows a little bit more of her personality. She's funny to watch sometimes when she makes discoveries. Christmas will be a lot of fun this year, she's very intrigued by Christmas lights. I'll have to actually get around to getting my tree up, I think she's going to love it. If only we knew what to put under the tree for her..... Here is Emily watching Kendall out the door. When Neal went to get the camera all we could see was the bottom half of her legs and socks sticking out from under the curtain:) but we got caught with the camera.

She's walking everywhere these days. She did have her hand on the wall, but can easily walk without holding on to anything.

Showing off for the camera...

In one of her many pretty dresses....will have to work on sitting lady like! She'd had red tights on for church but we didn't put them back on after we got home. Figured if we played in them all day they'd probably get ruined.

Thought it was a great picture but it was a little blurry when I put it on the computer. Thought I'd share anyway!

Here is Emily waiting on her daddy to come back upstairs yesterday afternoon.

She was staring out the window watching the neighbors Christmas lights but saw me get the camera out.

Kept turning around everytime she heard me.

Finally got her doing what she spent all evening doing so far:)


Mom (aka Grandma) said...

She's so cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww...she's so adorable...and speaking of sitting lady like...found a picture of you when you were quite a bit older and you weren't sitting very ladylike :-) give her kisses from aunt tara