Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No, we didn't go trick or treating I just put this on Emily for a few minutes on Saturday, took a few pictures and then took it off. Thought I'd share a picture for anyone wanting to see her dressed as a puppy dog.
Awww....isn't that just adorable! I may be biased, but she sure is cute! Anyway, I put this outfit on her and I didnt like made her look nothing at all like a baby but totally like a little girl! It is a little bit Christmasy, but if she only wears it for the couple weeks around Christmas she won't wear it much and it is cute, just makes her look too big!

Emily says, "Hey I have an idea...remember when you filled this truck with dirt a couple weeks has rained and this should be fun!" Her friend agrees. (Yes, it was all Emily's idea, usually it is the other way around!)

"It was tasty too, but sure did make me thirsty!" (No, not icing this time, pure genuine MUD! Grandma wondered if she needed more than one jacket....yes, they definitely get dirty! Good news, tide stain release actually got all that mud out!)

I've had fun, but can we go inside? My hands are cold.

Check out this new chair....allows me access to the couch. I did discover that the train works well for this too, but it sometimes rolls with me!

See I got on the couch with Mommy and Kendall. I love my Kendall puppy and today is her birthday. Happy birthday Kendall!

Aren't I such a big girl I love my new chairs!

See this is how you do it! Mommy can't get away from me now!

I have mommys footrest to get into the rocking chair. When she came in I was sitting here holding my blanket and sucking my thumb. Mommy said it was really cute!


Grandpa said...

She is cute, but how could she be anything else. Look at her grandpa. :-)

Anonymous said...

well i was gonna say she's cute but she must take after her aunt tara :-)