Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aunt Sue Wins

Ok, so I got one comment and two emails about Emily's recent pictures...and only one actually listed a picture that was a favorite...granted it was followed by a statement that said there were 4 or 5 other favorites, but my Aunt Sue wins! What did she win....why a picture of Emily of course! And for all the rest of you out there who didnt vote or listed ALL the numbers, well, you might get pictures too! After all, I did get 15 SHEETS of pictures! Why? I couldn't make up my mind any better than the rest of you and decide on a pose. Thank goodness for coupons! I'd have had to leave some poses behind if it hadnt been for that and I loved them all. She's a little bit of a show off when a camera comes out!

Its been raining/snowing/drizzling/NASTY outside for the past four days. Three of those days I've had a three year old and Emily that really want to go outside. Emily was pointing out the window, crying, and I finally figured out she wanted to GO outside. I didnt think that would be smart, since our backyard is a swamp and she rolls around in the mud like a hog and it was COLD. Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice enough to at least go out for a few minutes.

I have pictures on my camera but havent taken the time to upload them:) I will eventually though. Right now, my husband is napping, my dog is napping and my daughter is napping and I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet (next comes laundry, dishes and dinner at which point I will wake them all up) But for now, I should figure out how I'm going to make somethign for my husband to take to his work potluck when I dont really have all the ingredients for anything:)

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