Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's over and I'm a little relieved. Planning Emily's first birthday party was about all I could take, but last night we had her party, all her grandparents were here. Only one aunt and 2 cousins were able to make it, but she had a blast! And she will not need any clothes, jammies, or toys anytime soon! She got a beautiful fancy dress which we tried on her, it fit her great but when we put it on her we left the tag on and she kept flipping it around, but once we decided it fit, her cousin Rebecca took it off. A couple minutes later she looked at her arm, then all around and even lifted her dress trying to find the tag. It was cute. She took lots of steps showing off for everyone and even though she had her shots and they took blood yesterday she was plenty cheerful! So a few pictures....

And for anyone concerned out there, I am starting to be able to do some things with my right hand again after decorating this cake!

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