Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pillow in the Way

Ok, so Emily hasn't walked yet. It doesnt seem like that long ago my cousin's little girl, took her first step and I remember telling Emily she had three weeks:) Well, I have absolutely no idea when that actually was, but tonight, Emily stood there and wobbled a little, thinking about taking a step. Then she slowly lifted a foot....before tripping over a pillow and falling flat on her face, of course making her mad. So I dont think it counts as a first step if her entire body is on the ground before she got her foot to the floor. Maybe she thought if she were unsuccessful the pillow would be a softer landing:) She didnt think that it could make it harder to take the step. I also made her an appointment at Penneys (thanks for the vote of confidence Park Wife, but I want good pictures and I forget to take the time to dress her up and get pictures otherwise) to get her pictures made. They have the best deal, even though I have an Olan Mills card. They are slightly more convenient, and I have seen good pictures from the studio that I"m going to. Anyone know if you get online pics with them? If I do, I'll be sure the share them, but that is still three weeks away before I get them made. A busy day...we'll go to the pictures, and then we will go to the doctor, maybe a stop at toys r us or babies r us along the way (depending on time).

Other notes...HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY MADDY! I know I'm a day early but the odds of me actually finding time to post two days in a row aren't very high:)

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