Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Things

I think that could be the title for the last year but this specifically means this weekend for Emily. She got her first pair of tennis shoes, her first bag of cotton candy (daddy helped her eat it, Mommy said yucky), and she got to go see the local dog show....I'm not sure which dog was the best dressed or best kisser, but it was fun to watch, except it was a little chilly. She also got her first big box to play in. I sang Row Row Row your boat and showed her how to row. She'd almost do it then she would start clapping. She got a balloon at the fair too. And this was the first time she'd worn this dress...her message to Grandma (who got her the dress) is "Have you ever tried to crawl in this thing? I might have to start walking!" She's about to start walking any day now as it is, but the dress might encourage her:)

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The Park Wife said...

Look at that beautiful girl!!!!