Thursday, October 29, 2009

A few pictures

Hugging Kendall her favorite buddy.
She was really tired when she opened her presents last night. She liked her brush, even tried to comb her hair (the baby brush just wasnt making it through all those curls!)

More loving on Kendall.

She's having a Kendall birthday cake. She stole my spatula (still covered in icing) out of the dishwasher this morning...she thought it was great! Yes, her birthday cake is SUPPOSED to look like guarantees, you may have to use imagination, but after spending 4 hours decorating it (longer because of my "help") it is complete. However I'm saving pics to put up when I put up stuff about her birthday party, which is tomorrow night.

And isnt that just the most adorable face!


Mom said...

How much of the cake did you let her decorate?

Anonymous said...

i was barely able to get the icing on blaine's and write "happy 8th birthday blaine" and you decorated one like kendall??? couldn't you have at least shared SOME of the creative genes with me??? (still can't remember my