Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas??

There is a 25-50% chance that there will be a white Christmas in my part of the universe, although earlier the weatherman said it would only be enough to cover the ground and be pretty...exactly what I mean when I say white Christmas. I'm hesitant to even think that would be nice because I remember the Christmas of 2002, driving up 65 along the beautiful Buffalo River and in the Ozarks. Beautiful, and very dangerous in icy turned blizzard like conditions. There is this motel I'm not sure I would give rave reviews to. The only heat is a window air conditioning unit that didnt really work. The only TV got one channel and everyone was blue on it...not blue like sad, blue like in Smurf colored. That is the only night I've spent along the Buffalo that I havent really enjoyed. I woke up early to the drip, drip, drip of melting snow....melting snow so I crawled out of bed (I was fully dressed, even in my coat!) and went out to my car and continued on. It started snowing again about the time I crossed the state line...but 22 hours (normally a 4 hour drive) after I'd convinced my boss I needed to leave before the snow, I safely arrived home. Now tomorrow they are predicting a nice assortment of weather...if it looks bad, I'm simply staying put. Its not like I'd be alone this time around...I have my husband, my daughter and of course my funny looking puppy. (she's had half a haircut...yes, half...she looks like my Barbies that I gave haircuts to when I was little....good thing I didnt become a hairdresser!)

I am waiting on an inspector to come...he said sometime on MOnday but he didnt know what time...I assumed by 4, after all he works for the state and I'm sure will be heading home before it gets too late! And then later this evening I have a lady coming by to check out my pray that both counts go well! And since chances are slim that I'll post again before Christmas--Merry Christmas to all! and in the words of Tiny Tim "God Bless Us Everyone"

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Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

If I hear you utter the words "i hope we have a white christmas" ever again, i might smack you!!! Just throw a sick kid into the mix and its all sorts of fun. Seems like you traded that car in on a 4 wheel drive shortly thereafter. :-)