Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emily's Friends

My daughter is a camera hog. She will be doing cute things and then she will see the camera and stop what she is doing and just grin. then she will get closer and grin again, which is cute, but it is a little difficult to get action shots. Our daycare is now going with 4 or 5 kids every day. Emily is making friends with the kids that are here, although she sometimes gets tired of playing with the older kids because they are big enough to try and pick her up, and the little boy that is a month older than her likes to give hugs, but his hugs are more like tackles sometimes and she doesn't like getting knocked over. They play well together most of the time though, and the two of them together will start up the stairs if I don't keep the door shut. They dont get far though because they both giggle as they are doing it.
She was clapping in this picture, not sure what at, but she was clapping.
Approaching the camera making sure mommy is getting the picture of her, not one of the other kids.

I'm an expert crawler now...I can get into things FAST!

Coming closer (are you noticing a trend?)

Can you believe how big she's getting!

This little girl is three weeks older than Emily and they love playing together, although they do tend to take toys away from each other...they are learning to share.

I'm thinking about just turning loose and taking off. She will probably start running and later figure out walking:)

Again, camera hog...before she was showing this little girl how to move the stuff on the exersaucer.

My daughter may not be the only one that turns to look at the camera.

For some reason she prefers standing on her tiptoes!
Ok, an opinion question for all you mothers out there that still use diaper bags....what kind do you like best. My cute little diaper bag I'd been using is just too small now that I try to carry food, bibs, sippy cup and juice, toys, diapers and clothes keep getting bigger, etc. so I'm going to get a new one. Problem is, can't find exactly what I want, so suggestions are welcome! I actually like one that one of the kids has, just can't find it anywhere--probably last years model or something goofy like that!


Mom said...

Maybe she'll be like her mommy and learn to push things around and climb before she even learns to walk. She sure is growing!

Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

i liked the diaper bag that leah made me :-) worked best when i had a toddler and a baby i was carrying stuff for...but it was definitely my favorite diaper bag out of all of them ones i had.

Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

and that's supposed to say "out of all of the ones i had" not them...geez...