Sunday, September 6, 2009

If days were 36 hours long, and we still only needed 8 hours of sleep in that time, I could get a lot more accomplished. I could spend more time playing with my little girl. She is in to everything these days, is getting big, and her hair is curling a little more every day! (especially if it is humid!) We are enjoying parenthood and all that comes with it, although those days when teeth are coming in are a little trying sometimes:) Emily has 5 teeth now

which she doesnt use to bite with unless you stick your finger in her mouth to try to see if there are 6 teeth...or what she has currently stuck in her mouth that doesnt belong there. I fyou look closely in these pictures though, you might be able to see how many teeth one of her friends has...for some reason this week he started biting and unfortunately Emily was the recipient a few times.

I've been busy getting stuff ready for big E's baby shower next weekend. Of course, I've also had to spend time outside swinging and exploring, giving Kendall a haircut (I think she can see now!) But i thought i'd take a break and make a quick post. enjoy your labor day weekend.

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