Thursday, February 21, 2008

Desperate for Spring

Welcome to my blog! I had never really considered doing a blog, but I have really enjoyed keeping up with my friend, the park wife, since she started her blog that I thought I'd give it a whirl. I live in suburbia with my husband, a miniature schnauzer, and a cat. A rather large, diabetic cat. I love all things outdoors, and am desperately awaiting the arrival of spring. Currently it is 20 degrees and sleeting, snowing and all that wintery stuff that makes it hard to get around and keeps us stuck inside. I have figured out how to create a container water garden, what plants I would like to add to my yard, and want to get my bluebird and wren houses up as soon as I can hold a drill without my fingers freezing! The calendar says March will be here in a little over a month, we can hope that it brings with it wonderfully warmer weather and flowers, and good water for kayaking!

Until next time,
Flying Squirrel Fan (to be explained at a later date)

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