Friday, February 29, 2008

Those unexpected moments that change your life, part 1

Ok, I attempted to start this a week or so ago, and think I have a little bit figured out now. Welcome to my blog.

Do you remember those unexpected moments that completely changed your life? There are more than I can list in one blog post, but for my current career, there have definitely been some defining moments. I remember sitting on a rock at a rest area just outside of Boulder Colorado. I was twelve years old and had never seen the Rocky Mountains. We had driven all night and morning had arrived and we found ourselves in Colorado. Daddy kept saying the mountains would come into view any time, but the morning was so foggy the mountains stayed hidden beneath the blanket of white. When we stopped outside of Boulder, it was magic as God lifted the veil that had been concealing this marvelous creation, and there before me was the most spectacular sight I had ever seen. Snow covered peaks were rising in the distance as I stood there, my mouth gaping open, looking out at this scene. I remember that day vividly because I remember thinking that somehow, some way, the wilderness needs protection. It is so much more magnificent than anything man could ever have come up with. By the time our week at Rocky Mountain National Park was over, I knew I could never forget that pull to the wilderness, that need to protect it. And so, my path was laid out, and through many twists and turns I have been brought to where I am today, with a career that (hopefully) passes on my passion for the wilderness and inspires others to care for nature, before we completely destroy it all.

Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, I will try to post regularly, daily through the week if possible, so check back often! Next, you can read how one little flying squirrel changed my life.


The Park Wife said...

Yea Flying Squirrel!!!!! I am so proud of you and your new blog! Give me a call and I will walk you through some things (like adding pictures).
The Park Wife

Anonymous said...

Very neat!
Erin M. in Idaho