Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random thoughts

Ok, so I thought I would actually write something since I have a few minutes before kiddos arrive. Several people have asked how the daycare is going. When I have kids, it is going great. I had a family I really liked, two little boys, and mom got laid off after 2 weeks. She has a job interview today so I'm keeping the boys and hopefully she will get the job and I'll have them back on a full time basis. I still have the little girl that I started with, and her sister after school, but unless mom gets a job in the next two weeks, I only have them for a week and a half more. I am supposed to have a lady come by sometime this week that has two kids, however I havent heard from her since last week, so whether they come or not is anybody's guess. So keep praying for us, we just need to actually have kids here more often than not to make a profit with this, but I must admit, I dont really mind the days no kids show up and getting to spend all that time with my little girl.

Emily had her four month doctors visit last week where we found out she is pretty much average weight, short, and a nice size head (75th percentile). We are still waiting a little while before we start her on solid food, no need to rush things! They said she should be at least double birth weight, which in about a pound she will be. She didnt really like the storm the other night when she was trying to fall asleep...she doze off and then it would thunder and wake her up and she would cry. We wanted to go to bed so we tried just taking her to bed with us. That didnt work either. But eventually it quieted down outside and she fell asleep very quickly. Look at the pictures I posted yesterday. See those nice sparkly jeans...her aunt Jill got those for her. Now EVERYTHING is sparkly including my dryer. I'll look at it this way...adds a little fun to our clothes:)

Also, if I have said there is something I want to do with you in the next few months...I can't help it, I like to plan things, so get with me and we will figure out dates.

Ok, my little one is waking up, so I need to go get her. Enjoy your week everyone!

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