Friday, March 20, 2009

Teeth and Tomatoes

Ok, so I have to apologize...I havent posted anything this week and it all comes down to one little bitty thing...a tooth. Yes, I think my baby girl is teething and has been incredibly fussy this week so I havent had much free time. Oh and the 70 degree weather outside could have something to do with it. Unfortunately I didnt think to grab the camera before we went outside. Emily has a swing outside that she thinks is great. And I've been putting this cute little pink gingham hat on her so that she doesnt sunburn her head and her eyes are shaded. She looks adorable, I'll have to get a picture soon:) So the tooth has been causing some issues.

The tomatoes is a totally different story about the little girl I'm babysitting. You see, with my license I am required to do monthly fire drills and quarterly tornado drills. Since today was the first day of spring it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a tornado drill. So we did one. Then after lunch, she was asking me what we do if the tomato comes. Took me a few minutes to realize she thought we were preparing for an attack of giant vegetables instead of a storm:) I caught on when she said, "So what do we do if the apples come?" All those years of practicing not to laugh when people asked "When do the deer turn into elk?" and "How much bear spray should I spray on myself?" paid off because I didnt just crack, even though I wanted to. I tried to explain what a tornado was, without making her terrified of storms, so I'm not really sure I got through. But, if she ever sees a tomato attacking, she knows just what to do:)

This is the only picture I've taken this week, she was laying there laughing and playing with her puppy but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of the laugh. it was first thing in the morning, she was still in her jammies:)

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Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

There are tears running down my face after reading that...I just keep imagining giant Bob's attacking!!! Oh, my gosh...that is TOO funny...once again, I taught high school for a reason...because instead of not cracking and calmly explaining things, when I had a student say "you mean vietnam's a country? i thought it was just a war" i replied, with "where'd you think it was fought at? china?" oh and i am pleased to see that the dog she is playing with is the one her favorite aunt got her for valentines day. :-)