Thursday, June 18, 2009

For all of you who think I've been cruel

Ok, you know who you are. Many of you out there think I've been totally cruel for not allowing Emily to have solid food. Well, Sunday, that changed. I finally decided we could give her a little solid food as long as most of her nutrition was still coming from breastmilk--regardless of what the gerber ads say about needing to be eating three meals of solid food by now. She started with rice cereal and wasnt terribly impressed. I'm not sure I blame her...plain rice isnt very exciting. Then we added a container of peach baby food with the rice. That was a little better. (Gerber gives some good coupons so I used them and bought a few things of baby food) Then last night, I peeled a fresh peach, added breastmilk to it and pureed it. She kinda gave me a look like that was more like it. It must have tasted better:) I'm not sure what kind of food she will try next. I only have a couple containers of food, so it will probably be something I puree. Hmmm..... I think her grandma has fresh peas in her garden so maybe we will go with peas.

I also have to admit, I felt a little guilty yesterday. When Emily woke up from her nap I told her she looked like Bozo the clown. I love my daughter and I think she's beautiful, but the poor kid has got her mama's hair and when it is humid (which it has been) even as short as it is, it curls in uncontrollable directions.
I got a couple pictures of her eating last night. She's sure she's a big girl and can use the spoon herself. She also has to take breaks while eating to suck her thumb:)

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