Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Things

Emily is growing so fast, and last week we thought she said hi, then when we were getting ready to leave for Texas on Friday her daddy asked her if she wanted to go bye bye and she waved at him and said bye bye. It was sooo cute! Anyway, she has that down now. And she makes some sound that means kendall...its the same everytime but doesnt sound much like kendall other than being two syllables while she is looking at the dog. No mama or daddy yet though. And on Saturday her cousin just sat her down in the floor and she just sat there. She didn't fall over for quite a while, so she's been doing that too. She did pretty good considering how long of a trip it was. And since she can sit on her own now, the clematis is in full bloom so i sat her in front of it for a few pictures.

I think she was trying to give me the flowers here....and probably babbling while she did it. She babbles all the time, and it will probably soon be more words than just babble!

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Mom said...

Her hair looks curly....and red!!!