Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things Learned as a New Mom

Ok, so the past seven months have been incredibly informative for me. First off, I learned that the worse you want to do something the more likely it is that something is going to go wrong. Along with the usual raining while camping (of course it rained, we went camping:) , Emily was running a fever most of the weekend and not feeling well. Whether she had a bug or is considering getting teeth, who knows, but the fact is she was a fussy baby and not her usual happy giggly self.

Lesson #1: Learn to be flexible...and always pack the infant tylenol!

Lesson #2: When posing a 7 month old near a bunch of flowers, know which ones are edible in order to get a picture without a screaming baby.

No, I havent given her solid food but thought if she broke part of the dandelion off and ingested it, it wouldn't hurt her.

Lesson #3: Seven year old little boys will spend an hour seriously trying to catch a fish using a stick, string, and a safety pin, with grass seeds for the fly.

That's how big the one that got away was. That was Saturday. It had grown another foot by yesterday.

Lesson #4: Although I love tent camping, having a trailer for a baby is nice.

Lesson #5: It takes twice as long to clean everything up as it did to pack and get it dirty.

Lesson #6: Seven month old babies like to roll and not be held all the time and will be happy once the camera is put away

I snuck the camera back out for this grin

Lesson #7: It is possible to go for three days with only a couple hours of sleep (see above comments about baby not feeling well.

Lesson #8: If you pack lots of extra clothes, you won't need them, however if you only pack what you think you will need, you will run out of clothes quickly.

Lesson #9: Long car rides equal extremely dirty and smelly diapers after you pass the exit and get gas so you have to continue to smell it for a while and allow it to leak all over the car seat.

And Lesson #10: Did I mention that even if everyone is feeling great when you leave the house to pack the infant tylenol--and adult tylenol for when the crying baby leaves you with a headache!

Click .below if you want to see all the pictures. we took a lot hoping to get a good one.

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