Thursday, May 14, 2009

White Shorts

There's just something about white shorts. Emily only has one pair of them, she's worn them exactly two times. Occassionally we have diaper leaks, but usually just a little damp, not with poopy everywhere. And then there are the times when she has on white shorts. The first time she wore them the mess was all over her, the bed, the mattress pad (those things actually work to keep the mattress clean) her blanket, her toy rabbit, literally EVERYTHING that was anywhere near her. Ok, so yesterday I put them on her again. I was in the other room she was "napping" in her playpen. Well, she woke up and I could hear her laughing. THis went on for quite a while until I finished what I was doing and she was still laughing when I picked her up and yes, once again she had managed to make a huge mess. And evidently she thought it was funny! So Spray N Wash is great, however I have had to spray, wash and spray and wash again when it is on white. Why doesnt she ever do that when she's wearing yellow that it wouldnt really be noticeable on?

Ok, speaking of diapers both the babies (yes, I babysit on Thursdays) are sound asleep so I think I'll get diapers out of the drier and throw another load in the wash. Naptime is great for laundry:)

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