Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention....right?

It is entirely possible that I will be required to go to the store in the near future, like tomorrow more than likely.  For dinner tonight we are having....we'll call it a Lori Special.  it is something similar to a bbq chicken pizza, however since I've never had one of those, I really can't say.  I was going to make loaded tortillas, a yummy recipe I found a while back.  and a throw together so fast Rachel Ray would be proud kind of dinner.  Well...what I thought was a package of flour tortillas is really a package of corn tortillas.  ok not exactly what I had planned, but should still work.  next step....refried beans.   oh yeah, we ate the last can two weeks ago and I havent been to the store.  I've made my own before, but the only kind of beans I actually have are dried, not ready to be smooshy on my tortilla shell in a couple minutes.  ok, next idea.  Pizza sounded good.  No mozzarella cheese, and weel, cheddar cheese just wasnt what I was wanting.  I had already thawed the bacon for the tortillas, we had a couple grilled chicken breasts left over, and cheddar cheese would go good with chicken and bacon, right?  well, I thought about rice, pasta, bread...oops out of bread and macaroni too.  I still had the pizza idea, and I could make pizza cruat.  but I would need sauce.  ranch would go good but i really dont like rancch...same goes for ho ey mustard.  then like a bolt of lighting I thought Barbecue sauce.  Perfect!  Of course I'd run out of that the other day too.  Not to be easily defeated, I had ketchup....and a computer with recipes galore...kc bbq sauce.  sounded like the perfect solution.  so a cup of ketchup and a few ingredients later I had bbq sauce.  So pizza crust, homemade bbq sauce, bacon, chicken and cheddar cheese.  sounds good.  I hope it is.   It is still cooking, I'll have to let you know.
I was very excited to have found a crockpot for $1 through facebook the other arrived today, so tomorrow its looking like vegetable soup for dinner!  I think I have vegetables.....I also received my barbie I paid $2.36 for.  she has a couch, laptop, cell phone, all the necessities you know.  And I know a little girl that just might like something like that for Christmas.   And this weekend I need to go to Kohls.  I think I can get her a pair of shoes fo $2, and then I have the $25 from disney that I'm going to use on a 'punzel dress, costing me a total of $1.50.   Wouldn't it be cool if I could get all my shopping done for under $10¿  ok no idea how i turned the question mark upside down.  but now i must go eat dinner.


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