Saturday, November 19, 2011

So far today....

Not much of anything has gone according to plan.  My hubby had lots of plans to get major things accomplished this weekend....woke up at 4 am with the "bug" that he believes he got because he stepped foot in the daycare room yesterday.  Regardless, his plans were shot.  Emily and I were getting her pictures made, going to the bank, and a few stores, getting groceries and going home.   Pictures went wonderfully, I'll put a few of my favorites at the bottom.  Will still need to do Christmas pictures, but isnt the best backdrop the one that God made?  Anyway, after we get done with that we are heading to the bank, less than  five minutes away.  "Mommy, I need poot poot...NOW"  followed immediately by "Mommy I poot poot my panties"  Uh oh.  So at the bank parking lot we get all cleaned up, she says she feels fine and so we go over to Big Lots, where they have a sale that if you spend $15 on Disney Princess or $15 on Barbie you get a $20 toy free in the mail.  Yeah, wasn't impressed with their selection, and what we really don't need are more toys!  Anyway, so we arrive at Big Lots and start getting out of the car, "Mommy I need to pee pee"  Ok, surely they have a public restroom.  We hurry.  Hurry, carrying her to try to get to the bathroom quickly (I'm thinking her stomache is upset), and I came across a pot hole.  I didnt see it.  I twisted my ankle and said "Ouch" evidently much louder than I thought cause another lady came over to see if I was ok (at that point I wasnt sure) and then I decided I was and she went and got me a cart.  Meanwhile, "Mommy I need to potty".  Ok, so I hobble into the store, wondering how badly I sprained my ankle, and we get to the bathroom on time.  Ok, maybe we should go home.  But the best deals at Kohls end at 1.  Must keep going.  From that point on the day improved.  Great deals were to be had at the salvation army (perfect princess cups for a Christmas tea party, a cute cardigan for me for a quarter, a pretty dress for fifty cents), got a couple things at dollar general, and then went on to Kohls, were I scored!  Tennis shoes, tights, princess lipgloss, total less than $3.  Went to the grocery store.  Saved $56.  Spent slightly over $100.  In this day and age, that's not too bad.  The ankle is tender but I can walk.  Groceries are in teh cabinet...yes, the day is improving, I think:)  At least its warm, even if the wind is approaching those blow you in front of a bus strengths!  So here are a couple of my favorite pictures.  Now to clean a little and finish the apron set I'm making for a little girl I watch.


Curiouscat said...

Great blog post :)
Your daughter is so adorable! You are a good photographer to. Hope your hubby feels better and that you don't catch it to! We've had alot of colds/bugs going around here to sadly.

Take care,

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