Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5

I used to think a decade was a long time.   Ten years....amazing what can happen.   But at the same time, I remember ten years ago today like it was yesterday.   It was a day much like many others.   I had finished classes for the day, gone back to my apartment and was talking to Mom on the phone.  Her call waiting beeped.  It was a number she didnt recognize but she answered it.  I stayed on the line both of us assuming that she would quickly return to our conversation.  She did, but it had been my dad on the phone.  He'd  ben in a "little" accident on his way to work.  He was fine but he was going to let them take him to the hospital anyway.   Of course I was already in Springfield, so I beat the ambulance to the hospital.   I beat my mom to the hospital.  I sat....paced the waiting room, watching for ambulances to arrive.   Finally I saw the one from stone county and saw them wheel daddy in.  strapped to the guerney I could see he was talking to the ambulance guys but I couldnt tell much else.  Mom, Tara, and Blaine, a one month old came in immediately following the ambulance.  They took xrays, they gave him pain medicine, he introduced us to his new guardian angel, and they sent him home, telling him he could go back to work in a couple days.  Ten years later, the pain has never completely gone away.  I wonder sometimes about the girl that hit him.  I remember the many conversations backpaxking with my ddad, talking about how God evidently still had a job for him on earth in order for him to have survived.   You see, his "little accident"  was really a sixty plus mile per hour head on collision.  Three months qlater he was able to go back to work, but he hasnt had a day without pain in those ten years.  But he hasnt stopped living, and I think of all thats happened in those ten years...we've had many fun backpacking trips in the rain, sleet, snow....and I think we've gone hiking in good weather too..just not as often!   I've seen my daddy go from more than just daddy...he lights up my little girls eyes when she plays with "pa pa"  Ten years ago, I was certain I was all grown up....looking back, I see how much I've grown.   I've watched my best friend have to give her daddy back to God eight years ago today and four years later, also give her Mom back to God.  I'm so thankful to still have both of my parents!  Ten years ago, I almost had a college degree and was going to conquer the world with it.  I've had my dream job, I've spoken at a professional national conference for my job, all before giving that up to have the best job in the  world...mommy.  So yes, in ten years a lot has happened.  We've taken good with the bad.  And yes, as we look back on today, a decade later, we are once again certain in the power of angels and so very thankful to still have Daddy around, because without angels, no one would have walked away from that wreck.  It also reminds us that our time on earth is not guaranteed.  So what will you do with the time you have left?

Ok, since I wrote this I have had technical issues, so it is being posted a day late.  I also wanted to add a funny story.  Emily.  The Nativity under the tree.  It is the Little People one, incredibly cute, that she has played with for the past year.  Ok, so we put it under the tree the other night and were talking about why all the different pieces were there, the angel, Jesus, Mary, the wise men, the sheep, and then we got to the donkey.  I told her that Mary rode the donkey into Bethlehem.  She said, "no, wait" and ran off into her bedroom, obviously with a mission.  She came back with another Little People horse, much larger than the donkey.  "Jesus mommy needs the best horse" cute. 


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