Thursday, January 23, 2014

A million ideas, a million plans

I decided a few weeks back that it was time to put my sewing addiction into good use.   I decided to open an etsy shop, Lori's playtime pieces.   Since opening it, it has more or less sat dormant as I tried to decide what to make yet and dream of getting my house clean, a weekend with nothing to do, and a day to sew.   Patterns are drawn up, ideas as vivid as real pictures in my head.   Fabric strewn about, awaiting that first cut to be transformed into more than just fabric.   Tonight, I clean.   This weekend, I sew.   Projects include doll clothes, Barbie swimsuits (as per request of a special little lady that received a Barbie cruise ship on Christmas), dress up dresses, I could go on and on.   There will be no shortage of projects.   
I have also spent the week researching various homeschool curriculums.  The decision has been made, we will homeschool!   Exciting, a bit scary, and so much more.   I do worry about the social aspects, but have vowed to get her involved in a few activities so that she has friends...and she is already showing that friendships are made during church activities.   If finances permit, we will also be signing her up for gymnastics this fall...she wants so badly to tumble across the floor....although if she takes after her mother, the term tumbling may not be the graceful maneuvers of a talented gymnast, but the feet flailing, crashing to the ground at unpredictable intervals, tumbles of a person filed with the grace of God, but no other type of grace.    Maybe, just maybe though, she will be a successful gymnast.
So, shall I do American girl, baby alive, build a bear, Barbie, or cabbage patch clothes first?   If only work didn't interfere!

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