Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New year, new life to the blog

2014.... The year I am really going to do it, the year I return to blogging.   I started this blog 6 years ago, when blogs were new, unheard of almost, and I wanted to document some very important changes in my life.    Six years later, that important change is 5 years old, and has definitely changed my life.    I gave up a good paying 40 hour per week job to start operating a daycare.   I have dusted off my sewing machine and have begun making dresses, backpacks to carry dolls, doll clothes, teddy bears and almost anything else I can think of.   I have discovered the sacred moments of time to myself.   This is short, somewhat of a test, to see if t it will work on this device or if I am going to have to blog elsewhere.   Maybe without two snoring children on my arms.   :-)   the photo is a recent project for my daughter and her doll.

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55 gallon plastic drum said...

Keep blogging my friend since you can make everybody happy. By blogging you can help other solve their problems.

That's what makes blogging is so interesting for me. And for you too.

Keep blogging and motivating!