Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She's getting so big!

I'm amazed daily at the things Emily does. I told her to go tell her daddy lunch was ready and she went to the livign room and said "lunch" and the other day she came around the corner of the couch and exclaimed (rather loudly) "daddy sleep". And then Emily has started grabbing my hand and taking me to the changing table saying, "change diaper" so I thought we might be getting close to getting ready for potty training, and so the research began. Now for those of you that have older children or no children, you may not realize that yes, research and a lot of it was needed to select the perfect potty chair for my little girl. They may potty chairs that ask a child if they used enough toilet paper, that cheer when they used it properly, that look like they belong in a vegas casino and have bells and whistles when the child hits the jackpot, chairs that dispense stickers, sing songs and tell the child great job. Now, I wanted a potty chair that was simple. I can clap and give stickers myself and I really don't want a potty chair that gets a little humidity in the middle of the night and starts serenading us. I didnt need the potty chair to be plastered with disney princesses, elmo or dora. I wanted SIMPLE, maybe possibly so my daughter could figure out what to do with it and not have to spend ALL her time in the bathroom becuase she had a very entertaining potty chair. Ok, so the three that were left to choose from out of the hundreds that are made....Well maybe there were a few more choices, but I got narrowed down to 3. There was a frog one, retails for $13. Kid potties, you do the rest, but it does look like a frog. It had great reviews on all the websites....if you are potty training a boy. The eyes evidently are a great shield. But the eyes are in teh way for girls, so scratch that one. Then there was a simple pink one that I could go to walmart and get for about $15. It was cushioned and was pink. Ok, so check reviews. Almost every single one of them said the cushion absorbed the urine and it was hard to clean. YUCKY. Dont want absorbing urine, especially for daycare! (when in a few months I'll probably have several little girls using it). So.....that left one, $12.99 at Amazon.com. It was basic pink, can be used as a step stool (not a requirement but ok) and the seat can be taken off and put on the big toilet when she's making that transition. So I ordered 2 and they came last week. Now, remember I said we are probably getting close to potty training, not that we are there yet....

"So what now mommy?" Um....not sure about the feet in the potty. And yes, even when she is stark naked and I think she might actually pee (before her bath) this is how she wants to sit on it....maybe I have my work cut out for me!

"Hey this is pretty cool." The three year old little girl I watch told Emily all she needs to know about going potty and that when she uses it all the time that EMily can wear big girl underwear like her (ok, so this followed by the next time she went to the bathroom she came out with her pants around her ankles to show Emily big girl underwear:) Anyway, Emily has told me a couple times she needs to go potty but I think that translates to I want to play with the chair (and nope, no whistles, it just has a lid that opens and closes:)
And I dont understand pull-ups. How are they more effective than disposable diapers for training? The cloth training pants I get because if she really has to go, she probably won't hold it long enough for me to get the cover and the diaper pins off but the pull ups dont seem much different than a diaper, but I've never done this before, so I suppose we will see. I may figure out that mystery of the universe yet!
Oh, and for those of you just hoping to get my tent, sorry, it sold. To get the swingset I really want (I think I'm worse than a child wanting things on it, but I want it to be cool:) I only need about ten times the money I got for the tent. If only I had 10 more tents:) But really, we are probably going to save money for it this year and actually get it next year due to other obligations for our money this year, and so we can get what we want, not a cheap one that we will be unsatisfied with.

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Tara said...

I have the cutest niece in the whole wide world!!! Lance even has to admit that she's the cutest thing he's seen!!! As for the pull-ups, they are better than diapers when potty training because they pull up and down like big kid underwear (you'll realize when you really get into potty training that you don't want anything that fastens in the crotch because when they gotta go, you gotta hurry!!!)